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Are you tired of Pants? Don`t despair, with a Longyi Brothers` longyi you need not suffer any longer! Longyi (sarong, malong, lungi, izar, dhothi, pareo, izar, lavalava, sarung) provides 1000% more airflow than pants to where you need it most. Comfortable, easy and quick to put on our longyi is made of 100% cotton. Not only is our soft denim Indigo longyi stylish, it`s also reversible! But wait it does more. You can use our longyi as a bag, to change clothes, as a shawl, to hide from the sun, use it as a towel, or beach blanket, roll it up for instant back support. The possibilities are endless.

Upcoming Fun and Humour Previews

    • Celebrities in College - Kangana Ranaut Celebrities in College - Kangana Ranaut
      Kangana is known for her dynamic roles in movies and loud persona in real life. But how was she in her college? Watch Celebrities in College : Kangana and see how the queen revolutionizes her college life where she has come from an outsider quota. Cast: Priya Raina, Khushbu Baid, Somnath Karmakar, Vishwajeet Pratap Singh, Prachi Makwana, Sarrah Yadavv, Durin Das, Parikshit Joshi, Prachi Nikhra Directed by Shreedutta Namjoshi
    • What Happens In A Bachelorette Party - Girliyapa What Happens In A Bachelorette Party - Girliyapa
      We`ve all seen what happens on a Stag night, but this wedding season experience the craziness of a Bachelorette Party. That night of unforgettable celebrations, when your BFF is getting married. The night of fun games, booze, dance, great food and of course embarrassing stories! The night where you let the world know how important your squad is to you. This sketch is Girliyapa`s hilarious take on what happens in a Bachelorette Party. Cast : Ronjini chokraborty, Hira Ashar, Shreya Mehta, Tithi Raj, Samentha Fernandes, Pritika Mathur, Shruti Bharadwaj, Shweta Singh, Alakananda Nayak.
    • BB Ki Vines- Faaltu Kharcha BB Ki Vines- Faaltu Kharcha
      Babloo is furious after seeing BB`s shopping bills.
    • BYN - Oh Womaniya BYN - Oh Womaniya
      Directed By Vivek Menon, Nick Written By Omkar Shinde Cast: Nick Tushar Khair Shivani Bafna Murali Thevar Omkar Shinde
    • Gully Boy Trailer Spoof - Tully Boy - Apna Daru Aayega Gully Boy Trailer Spoof - Tully Boy - Apna Daru Aayega
      Drunkveer is stuck in his life chaos having an unusual want in his heart that he wants to become India`s greatest Tully Boy. Will he able to become one with the help of his friend? Kyuki Apna Daru Aayega.Director: Aakash KumarCast: Saad Bilgrami, Prerna thakur, Ankit Shukla, Lalitam Anand, Sanjeev Kariyandy, Akshat Vijayvargiya, Kunal banerjee