So Sorry - Gardish Mein Ho Taare Na Ghabrana Pyaare

All the big politicians visited the political astrologer before 2019 general elections, Watch what did they see in their future.

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    • So Sorry - Saheb Humko Bhi Saath Lele So Sorry - Saheb Humko Bhi Saath Lele
      Over the last two months, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have confirmed and unconfirmed their alliance for the Lok Sabha elections at least a dozen times. Arvind Kejriwal and his party have been publicly requesting the Congress to make up their mind while Rahul Gandhi has been under pressure from his party`s Delhi wing, to not form an alliance. How long will the Congress-AAP tussle over the alliance continue? Here is So Sorry`s take on the entire saga.
    • So Sorry - Humari Tum Suno So Sorry - Humari Tum Suno
      The latest episode of So Sorry is a funny take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for votes presenting his government`s achievement in the last 5 years. The video also shows Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi countering PM Modi.
    • So Sorry - Abki Baar Chowkidar So Sorry - Abki Baar Chowkidar
      With just few days left for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections 2019, both Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) and Congress have been stuck on chowkidar campaign. One one hand where Congress reiterates the slogan chowkidar chor hai, BJP has stepped up their game by launching main bhi chowkidar campaign. Who will win the general elections will only be decided in May but with this chowkidar campaign, it is very clear that other major issues are being sidelined. This episode of So Sorry is a hilarious take on the same. Watch this video.
    • So Sorry - Jung-E-Uttar Pradesh So Sorry - Jung-E-Uttar Pradesh
      The country`s praise for the Modi government`s decisive action in the #Balakot airstrike made opposition parties jittery. When opposition leaders started raising questions about the overall success of PM Modi, the BJP brought out its own bazooka.
    • So Sorry - Tum Saboot Doge Ya Nahi So Sorry - Tum Saboot Doge Ya Nahi
      It didn`t take much time for politics to begin over the Balakot air strikes. While the entire nation applauded the action of our Air Force, the air strikes soon became a political slugfest as BJP leaders showcased it as a major achievement, hinting that it might get them votes in 2019. Meanwhile, the opposition got into the act and questioned the air strikes, citing international media reports and asked the government to provide solid evidence. Watch So Sorry`s take on the entire political slugfest surrounding the Balakot Airstrikes.
    • So Sorry - Bangal Ka Bawaal So Sorry - Bangal Ka Bawaal
      This episode of the So Sorry is a comical take on the face between Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee over the Kolkata Police Commissioner, Rajeev Kumar.<br> In a high drama outside the residence of Rajeev Kumar in Kolkata, the CBI officials who arrived at the residence were stopped by the Kolkata Police team. The Kolkata Commissioner is accused of involvement in the chit fund case. The late-night coup in West Bengal resulted in Mamata Banerjee sitting for a dharna against the Modi government. The three-day showdown between CBI and Kolkata Police ended with the Supreme Court`s verdict that directed the Kolkata Police chief #RajeevKumar to join the CBI probe in the chit fund scams. Is the apex court`s verdict a blow for West Bengal CM #MamataBanerjee, who sat on a dharna to shield the top cop?
    • So Sorry - Behna Haath Badhana So Sorry - Behna Haath Badhana
      In the electoral race, defeating Modi and Amit Shah, the opposition parties rode on one chariot. Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav were on this chariot. After that, Mamta Banerjee also came. Arvind Kejriwal comes an join the party. When Rahul Gandhi vehicle, which participated in the same race, started wobbling on time, only then Priyanka Gandhi entered there.
    • So Sorry - Hum Sab PM Hai So Sorry - Hum Sab PM Hai
      Few days ago Opposition hold a mega rally in Kolkata with the leadership of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. Many leaders of Opposition leaders targeted the Modi government at the Center. In the rally Opposition vow of removal of Narendra Modi as prime minister. But in opposition, many leaders are dreaming for the post of Prime Minister. Will they all be able to pull Narendra Modi out of the chair? So, look at how the leaders, who dreamed of becoming the Prime Minister, were shocked in this so sorry episode.
    • So Sorry - Karnatak Ke Sholay So Sorry - Karnatak Ke Sholay
      Many suspected that the Congress-JDS coalition government in Karnataka was about to collapse when the BJP housed its MLAs in a hotel in Haryana. However, the coalition, despite several disgruntled MLAs held on to live another day. But, soon, things got interesting when Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath voiced his concern about the BJP`s attempts to poach his MLA by luring them with money. Will the Congress coalition governments in the country survive another Modi-Shah Operation Kamala onslaught? Watch So Sorry`s take!
    • So Sorry - Modi Ka Masterstroke So Sorry - Modi Ka Masterstroke
      For Rahul, the victory for the Congress in the Hindi heartland was a much-needed one as it silenced his critics and while reaffirming the Congress` position as the nucleus of the proposed Mahagathbandhan against Modi-led BJP in 2019. Rahul Gandhi emerged victorious for the first time in a one-on-one battle against the Modi-Shah election winning juggernaut.