Rakh Tu Hausla Music Video by Swarit Nigam ft. Rani Mukerji

Written & Directed by Pravin Talan
Narration by Rani Mukerji
Co-writer & Visualiser: Poonam Talan
Creative Director: Rupali Sagar
Singer: Swarit Nigam
Music: Nippu Khound

"Rakh Tu Hausla" is not just another video song but an inspiring story of human courage in these troubled times, journey into the heart and spirit of Mumbai city and its police force, shot during the dreaded lockdown. No war is ever fought without casualties and as of 31st May 2020, 1508 Mumbai Police personnel have been infected by the deadly virus and 16 have lost their lives. The war against COVID 19 continues but human spirit shall prevail over anything else.

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