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Pamela Anderson

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For Pamela Denise Anderson, fame came early. Pamela was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, July 1, 1967. Literally born into the spotlight, she was the first baby to be born on Canada's one-hundredth birthday, earning her the title of The Centennial Baby. Her landmark birth was chronicled in the local newspaper and her parents, Barry and Carol, were awarded with cash prizes for the birth of little Pamela.

Another incident placed Pamela in the spotlight once again. She was sitting in a library at a storytelling session, when a photographer picked her out of a crowd of 100 other children, and took a photograph of her. The picture drew so much attention, it was placed in all the libraries in British Columbia and became copyrighted.

Pamela's teenage years were as normal as any other teenager's. She was a regular girl with braces, who loved volleyball and playing the saxophone. Her flexibility earned her the nickname “Rubber Girl”. During this time, she made tentative steps into the movie industry by playing extras. In 1979, she did the voice of Pebbles in The Flintstones Little Big League. In 1984 she played a hooker in Crimes of Passion. In 1987 she played a Party Guest in John Hughes’ 'Some Kind of Wonderful'. None of these roles did much for her career.

The third incident that Pamela experienced was the one that ended up being her big break. In 1989 while attending a CFL game, she was spotted by a cameraman, who put her on the big screen. When the crowd saw her, they began to cheer enthusiastically. Since she was wearing a T-shirt for Labatt, this brought her to the attention of company executives. They decided that she would be perfect for their Blue Zone promotion. She then appeared on numerous posters that were shipped to bars all across Canada.

The poster campaign also brought her to the attention of Playboy. She soon made the first of her record six cover appearances for that magazine. Her appearance on Hefner's magazine was the launching pad of her career, and roles in television soon followed. After her first appearance, she had her breast augmentation surgery.

She had a small role on the comedy Married... With Children, and played Lisa, the Tool Time Girl on Home Improvement. This family/workplace sitcom starring Tim Allen was an immediate hit. This brought her to the attention of David Hasselhoff, executive producer and star of Baywatch. He offered Anderson the red bathing suit-clad role as lifeguard C.J. Parker. Anderson took the role in 1992. For a short time, Anderson split her time between Home Improvement and Baywatch. This proved to be too much of a workload, so she quit Home Improvement. Debbe Dunning replaced her.

Her newfound fame garnered Anderson more movie roles. In The Taking of Beverly Hills, she had a small uncredited part. More substantial was her role in Snapdragon, 1993. She played Felicity, an amnesiac who has dreams about killing her lovers. Anderson’s next movie appearance was in Raw Justice, 1994, which was made for HBO. She also appeared in a small time movie The Evolution of Mr. E. She also had a role in the television detective series, Mike Hammer.

Her next big movie was Naked Souls in 1995 with Brian Krause. The plot of the movie was unimportant, serving mostly to set up Anderson’s frequent nude scenes. Anderson appeared in two more videos that year. One was Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise. The other was The Best of Pamela Anderson. This was a biographical video that contained footage from her Playboy video shoots. It went to number one on the video sales charts, knocking off Forrest Gump. Around the same time, the rapidly growing Internet, which included a huge number of pictures of her, propelled her to major stardom.

During this time, Anderson often stated that her main goal was to find a husband and raise a family. Among her early suitors were Dean Cain, Sylvester Stallone, and Scott Baio, to whom she was briefly engaged. The most successful was Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue. When he first saw her at a party, he walked right up to her and licked her face. He pestered her repeatedly for her phone number. After she finally gave in, he called repeatedly with marriage proposals. She eventually agreed. In 1995, four days after they had met, they were married in Cancun. Instead of rings, they had their names tattooed on each other. The videotape they made of their honeymoon night disappeared while their house was under construction. It reappeared a couple of years later, causing numerous headaches. The homemade video was allegedly stolen from their house in 1995.

In 1996, Pamela starred in her first feature film, Barb Wire, despite her manager's advice to refuse the film role. She should have taken his advice, since the film bombed commercially and critically. At the 1997 Razzie Awards, Anderson ‘won’ for Worst New Star. The movie was also nominated for Worst Actress, Anderson, Worst Original Song, ‘Welcome to Planet Boom’ by Tommy Lee, Worst Picture, Worst Screen Couple, for Anderson’s ‘impressive enhancements’ and Worst Screenplay.

These were just the beginnings of Anderson’s troubles. Less than two years after the marriage, Anderson filed for divorce among rumours of physical abuse. In 1997, one year after the birth of their first child Brandon, Pamela filed for divorce. It didn't take long for the Lees to get back together and Dylan, their second son, was born later that year. In 1998 Anderson claimed that Tommy had attacked her. He was charged for spousal and child abuse, as well as illegal firearm possession. After a conviction, he was sentenced to six months in prison. Anderson filed for divorce and for custody of their two children. In 1997, stills from the stolen honeymoon tape were printed in the French edition of Penthouse. The tape was then released in its entirety over the Internet.

Having left Baywatch in 1997, Anderson returned to the small screen with 'V.I.P.' in 1998, which was canceled after four seasons, in June of 2002. And when not on the screen, continued to work as an advocate of animal rights.

Pamela and super male model Marcus Schenkenberg became an item after her final split from Tommy Lee. Making her divorce from Tommy even more official, she dropped "Lee" from her name in June of 2000. In April of 2001, she started seeing the king of trailer trash rock, the cocky Kid Rock.

In early 2002, Pamela announced her involvement in the animated series Stripperella, a stripper/superhero character created by Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame. This was followed by news that she would accompany her new boyfriend on tour as an on-stage stripper. All this was put on hold when it was made public that Pam has been diagnosed with hepatitis C. She had been undergoing outpatient treatment for the disease, which she says she got by sharing tattoo needles with Tommy Lee. He never told her that he had the condition.

It seems as if Pamela Anderson may have the fight of her life on her hands.

Pamela Anderson Wallpapers
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