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Drew Barrymore

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The granddaughter of John Barrymore and grandniece of Ethel Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore, Drew Blythe Barrymore was born in Culver City, California on February 22, 1975. Drew Barrymore is the heir of a Hollywood dynasty of respected thespians, many of whom tragically self-destructed. She is half Hungarian from her mothers side, Ildiko Jaid. Steven Spielberg is her godfather.

From there, she didn't waste much time getting in front of the cameras, making her first commercial at nine months and her first television movie, Suddenly Love, at the age of two.

At age six, on an audition for Poltergeist, 1982, Drew landed a role in what would become one of the most popular films in movie history, Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, 1982. Since that time, her unique talent and on-screen charisma have earned her critical acclaim, and her movies, box-office success.

Troubled times came for Barrymore when she tried alcohol for the first time at age 9, and marijuana at 10. Soon after, she turned to cocaine and stirred controversy with her near nude appearances in Far From Home, and was forced into ASAP Family Treatment Center, a drug rehab clinic. Drew has done just about everything to live up to all of the expectations of a Barrymore, good and bad.

July 1989 was her all-time low; she unsuccessfully attempted suicide, and was sent back to rehab. The flip side of this child stardom was revealed when she dropped out of school at 14 and published her co-written autobiography, Little Girl Lost, 1990.

Her career began its recovery with roles in Poison Ivy, 2000 Malibu Road, and The Amy Fisher Story (the telefilm). Barrymore tends to fare best in high-spirited, low-class projects like Guncrazy, 1992, The Amy Fisher Story. More nudity followed with an appearance in the 1995 issue of Playboy, one of the most popular issues ever.

Drew was one of three actresses to play the award winning Long Island Lolita in the telefilm, The Amy Fisher Story.

Less than two months after her March 1994 marriage to an LA bar owner, Drew filed for divorce. Drew is now a spokesperson, and actress for a women's condom commercial which aired on MTV.

Drew has appeared in a provocative series of print ads for Guess Jeans. She had a small, but sexy appearance in Wayne's World 2 in 1993. Drew then co-starred in the Western, Bad Girls in 1994. She increased her popularity tremendously in 1995 with the release of Boys on the Side, Mad Love and Batman Forever.

In 1996, Barrymore's image underwent an abrupt and effective transformation from slut to sweetheart. With a brief but memorable role in Wes Craven's Scream and a lead in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You that featured her as a Kelly Girl for the '90s, Barrymore's career received an adrenaline shot to the heart. She began working steadily again, and she reshaped her off screen persona into that of a delightful and sweet-natured girl trying to mend her ways.

Further roles included The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, Ever After, Home Fries. Never Been Kissed is her company's, Flower Films, first released movie. Her partner in Flower Films is Nancy Jevonen.

After the blockbuster Charlie's Angels, produced by her company Flower Films, Drew starred in Riding in Cars With Boys, appeared in Tom Green's disaster Freddy Got Fingered (they were married for five months in 2001), and stars in 2002's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. She will also reprise her role of Dylan as one third of the angelic trio, for the sequel of Charlie's Angels.

She overcame the odds in such a short time, and revitalized a career that many thought was over. Drew lives life to its fullest, and takes the bad with the good. This is one Barrymore that the so-called "curse" could not destroy.

Many would not know that Steven Spielberg gave her a quilt for her birthday with a note "Cover yourself up". Enclosed was a copy of the January 1995 issue of Playboy Magazine for which she posed nude, with the pictures altered by Spielberg's art department so that she appeared fully clothed. Also that she is Godmother to Courtney Love's daughter Frances Bean and is a strict vegetarian and also will not eat seafood and eggs or wear leather, suede, etc. She is allergic to garlic, bee stings, perfume and coffee.

Her favorite poet is E.E. Cummings. She turned down an opportunity to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine because they wanted her to wear clothes by a company that dealt in fur/leather.

During an appearance on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show", she said that she never watches any of the movies she stars in.

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