Gidarh Singhi Review: A light-hearted romantic-comedy!
Saturday, November 30, 2019 17:13 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Saanvi Dhiman, Karn Mehta

Director: Vipin Prashar

Rating: ***1/2

Gidarh Singhi focuses on the lives of Bittu (Jordan Sandhu) and Lucky (Karn Mehta). Two brothers running a small Dhaba who want it to become a successful venture to make the ends meet and fulfill their dreams. Bittu aspires to become a singer and even gets a chance to record a song with a label but gets cheated when Satti (Ravinder Grewal) an influential personality in the area releases Bittu's song as his own and gets famous. How Bittu succeeds in getting back what is rightfully his and how he and Lucky end their family's financial problems is the rest of the story of Gidarh Singhi.

The direction department is handled perfectly well by Vipin Prashar and the concept of the film is different from the regular Punjabi comedies you see. The film grabs your attention from the very start and the first half of Gidarh Singhi has many comic moments and punches. The love stories of both the lead couples of the film is interesting and keeps the viewers hooked to the screen.

The film loses its focus in the second half as the screenplay becomes confusing at times with a number of sub-plots going on at the same time and this is where Vipin Prashar loses points. But the story introduces a new twist as Satti falls for the love interest of Bittu (Rubina Bajwa) and the climax of the film is something that will make you smile.

Jordan Sandhu has delivered a decently nice performance in Gidarh Singhi. His character and his plight look real and he convinces you that is Bittu 'the helpless'. Ravinder Grewal is hilarious and fits perfectly as Satti, an aspiring singer who has no talent but wants to succeed anyhow. Karn Mehta, Saanvi Dhiman, and Rubina Bajwa too deliver impressive performances here.

The music of the film is one of its strong points and includes some melodious heart touching tunes that stay with you after leaving the theatre.

Overall, Gidarh Singhi is something new and different coming from the Punjabi cinema. The second half might feel a bit convoluted and stretched but it deserves to be watched for some good performances and light-hearted comedy.
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