Not a cakewalk to ace an unconventional character in your debut itself: Learn from 'girl of the moment' Alaya F!
Saturday, March 07, 2020 13:47 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Alaya made her silver screen debut recently which hit the screens on 31st January 2020 where she shared the screen with Saif Ali Khan and Tabu, yet made the most impactful impression with her performance. Breaking the barrier and playing an unconventional role in her debut film itself, Alaya F brought a character which won hearts.

The actress shone through with her performance while sharing the screen with experienced actors. Alaya played the role of a pregnant girl in the film and became a favourite with just one film. Praised for her effortless portrayal of her character in the movie, Alaya put in a lot of hard work to deliver her best performance.

Not only the audience loved it but also the critics, alike. Her first film itself brought her the acclaimed and with her confidence mien, Alaya F owned it up with utter grace and savoir-faire. She always looks like a natural and seasoned actor on-screen while she puts all her efforts and hard work behind, giving the character life by being so relatable.

Being hailed as the girl of the moment with all the success coming her way, Alaya F is surely basking in the glorious debut that made all the waves. Her preparations are proof of how Alaya F made sure that she marks her debut with utmost promise and a good understanding of her artistry- one of the reasons how she could nail the unconventional role like a pro.

Up next will be Puja Entertainment's second film starring the actress where more details are yet to be announced.
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