Boycott Netflix trends on Twitter as this Telugu film hurts religious sentiments
Monday, June 29, 2020 15:51 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shut down of theatres in the wake of COVID-19 has encouraged the audience to spend more time on OTT platforms for entertainment. Recently, #BoycottNetflix started trending all over twitter as a Telugu film 'Krishna And His Leela' hurt the religious sentiments of people.

Netflix's latest film 'Krishna And His Leela' has turned the Netizens very angry as the movie depicts a character named 'Krishna' who has many affairs and has a girlfriend named 'Radha'. The film has various sexually explicit scenes of the lead character 'Krishna' with several women, one of them being 'Radha'. Many Netizens were outraged for using the names of Krishna and Radha for erotic content in the movie as it hurts their sentiments being Indians. 

   Here are some of the trending #BoycottNetflix tweets -

People have termed the film as Hinduphobic and an insult to the religion as it uses names of Hindu gods in the movie. Over the past few days, netizens have also shown their anger over the subtitles used for the Bengali folk song, `Kolonkini Radha`, used in the Netflix-released film, `Bulbul`. The audience is also complaining about the lines `Kanha haramzada` in the song while referring to Krishna in the song.
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