Mrs & Mr Kohli Review: A disappointment in the garb of entertainment!
Thursday, July 09, 2020 14:34 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Sara Gurpal, Sahil Vedoliyaa

Director: Dheeraj Padhiyar

Rating: *1/2

MX Player presents the first Punjabi mini-series 'Mrs & Mr Kohli' which is a romantic-comedy penned by Harsh Rand. This mini-series consists of 6 episodes of around 10-15 minutes each based on one concept.

The story revolves around a couple who play different roles in each episode. Sara (Sara Gurpal) plays a working lady whereas Sapan (Sahil Vedoliyaa) handles all the household chores. Watch this one, you will feel that the concept has been picked from the Bollywood movie "Ki & Ka" but failed to elucidate among the audience.

This series is all about the situations this couple faces due to their respective responsibilities like what to do when some guests come to their house, to choose a birthday gift or a Kitty party, and many more, this is what Mrs. & Mr Kohli Review is all about.

Dheeraj Padhiyar has failed to handle the talent he had in his hands to their full potential. The actors seem to be overacting at many points here which could have been avoided but the director seems to have lost his focus and that is the case with everything else in Mrs. & Mr Kohli Review.

The storyline of this series was supposed to be funny but in the end, it is not up to the mark and fails to evoke laughter most of the time. The episodes are so dull as there are no fights or any twist in the lives of the lead couple which can build up your interest and make your eyes stay on the screen and eventually you get bored. Although the storyline is smooth but fails to deliver the conclusion properly.

On the performance front, some might like the acting of Sahil as Sapan but Sara has gone too far with her part throughout the series which feels awkward. Yes, there are few adorable love moments which you can see in this series. Nevertheless, you'll not find any crisp in their romance, in other words, you'll lose your interest.

Overall, there is nothing good to find in this series except a few dialogues which may make you laugh. 'Mrs & Mr Kohli' will disappoint you as it offers nothing new on the entertainment front. Makers could have used this concept in an interesting way with some twists but all in vain.
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