Makers of Ashram issues a disclaimer to avoid any controversy!
Tuesday, August 11, 2020 13:32 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
While Godmen across the world are rather notorious, especially in the media for their use and abuse of power over their unflinchingly loyal followers, the frequency of such cases in India seems to be a far more common occurrence than anywhere else. Every few months, one hears of Godmen who swindle public of money or misuse the trust placed in them.

In his foray into the world of web series' with the upcoming Aashram, director Prakash Jha is getting into the world of Godmen to explore such stories.

While speculation is rife that the web series is based on the lives of Aasaram Bapu and/or on Baba Ram Rahim, he and the platform streaming the series, MX Player have released a disclaimer (perhaps for the first time ) to clarify even before the trailer is out and the show goes live, that their intention is not to fan any controversy or hurt any sentiments.

The disclaimer hints at strongly at a topic that is quite sensitive and may get wrongly interpreted; this video further goes on to say that Aashram is not to be seen as an attempt to discredit all Godmen and people's faith in them. It is in fact meant to understand what drives the people to have such implicit faith in another person.
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