Jawani Review: A small package of comedy with a message for the youngsters
Tuesday, September 01, 2020 14:01 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Jagjeet Sandhu, Pardeep Singh, Surinder Arora, Guru Bamrah

Director: Garinder Sidhu

Rating: ***

As in today's time, youngsters have various things in mind without any idea about what's good and what's bad for them. With a great idea to give a message to the young generation but in a comic style, Jagjeet Sandhu has penned a short film 'Jawani' on YouTube. The whole story revolves around how lightly youngsters take things these days and what consequences they have to face for that.

Jawani is a story of three friends Jogi, Fauji, and Patang who have different outlooks but are very like-minded. The story begins with Patang (Jagjeet Sandhu) tied-up in a jute sack and from there he introduces every other character in his background voice over. Now, to know what happens to him and how he ended up in the jute sack, you have to watch the movie.

The direction of the film is good but the duration of the film could have been longer as it seems like few things are missing as the trailer and it's song ' Tez Raftaaran' exhibits. The screenplay is engaging and full of comic elements and the dialogue delivery is also fabulous and full of parody that makes you laugh.

The acting of all the characters is superb, as their expressions as per the situation are quite impressive, especially Jagjeet Sandhu as Patang who is playing the lead role in this small entertainment.

The editing and cinematography could have been better to build more interest of the audience. Else, the storyline is fine and it will be continued soon as the suspense is not revealed yet. All in all, it's fun to watch and gives some relaxation to your mind.
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