'Into the Wild with Bear Grylls & Akshay Kumar' - Numero uno episode!
Monday, September 14, 2020 23:44 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
'If it can keep you alive, eat it', well, Bear Grylls believes in this survival mantra. The man who has eaten deer droppings, yak's eyeballs, goat testicles, giant larva worms, and other more stuff that are quite difficult to imagine is known for hosting adventurous shows such as 'Worst Case Scenario', 'Bear's Wild Weekend', 'Get Out Alive', 'Escape from Hell', 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls', and much more that taught us extraordinary situations of survival. Last year in August 2019, Bear Grylls went on an adventure ride with India's Prime Minister Narender Modi and afterward with South superstar Rajnikanth and for this time he went on a reckless journey with Khiladi Akshay Kumar. 

Bear Grylls' 'Into the Wild' special episode with Akshay Kumar was shot in Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve, Karnataka. So the show starts with a heavyweight introduction of Khiladi and his vigorous entry in camouflage attire, whereas Bear was looking for Akshay on the military vehicle. It's quite funny to watch Akshay hanging on a tree and screaming, "Kaha Chupa Hai Yaar?" and bear denoting Akshay as AK. More than adventurous, the episode takes on a journey of learning and reveals some hidden facts about Akshay that inspires his fans and makes him a more influential personality. So let's discuss some of the major tasks and challenges that were passed by Bear to Khiladi in the show.  

Akshay Kumar's inspirational story - Bear Grylls asked Akshay about his childhood and how he went into acting. On this, Akshay said he was a regular kid who was born and brought up in Old Delhi by a Kashmiri mother and a Punjabi father. Akshay also mentioned that he lived with 24 people in his house. later on, went to Thailand to learn martial arts and how he opts for a waiter job. He also revealed that when he was a waiter, `Women used to peck me, and that was the best tip I ever got." he also talked about his zero interest in the study on which Bear too agreed and said he used to be known as GTS in his school times. When Akshay asked him its meaning Bear answered funnily, "Its General Total failure." Akshay also opened about his son Aarav and said, "He just doesn't want to tell anyone that he is my son. He wants to be away from the limelight and is searching for his own identity."

Bear Grylls' wild teaching -

In order to navigate through the jungle, Bear asked Akshay to climb on a tree to look for an extraction point. Before climbing the tree, Bear taught him how to make a reef knot and a harness with a rope.  Crossing the river -To reach the extraction point, both of them need to cross the river through the zip line. Bear is an expert in ziplining but Akshay follows his instruction and as a good follower crosses the river successfully. Although, crocodiles were also present there in the river. 

Akshay's Ayurvedic Ladoos for Bear -

Akshay Kumar gave Ayurvedic Ladoo to bear and asked him to eat. While eating when Bear was appreciating the taste, Akshay responded immediately and told him that once his director friend ate it twice, and later on it became a shitty thing for his director's stomach. Well, surely it made Bear not to ask for another Ladoo from Akshay. He also informed him that Ladoos are made of apricot tree's gum.

Elephant poo tea challenge - 

While crossing the Jungle way, Bear saw fresh and dry elephant poo that made him use it in the jungle voyage. With Elephant poo or call it dung, they made fire with it, burned it, boiled it and even drank it! It was quite funny when Bear asked Akshay to look at the other side so he could throw the elephant poo tea.  Favorite Film - Akshay Kumar also revealed to Bear Grylls that Padman is one of his favorite films. The actor also told him about his charity work, 'Bharat Ke Veer.'  

Elephant encounter - 

Bear and Akshay encountered elephants as they were passing by the river. Bear asked Akshay to keep calm and quiet, both crossed the river while floating silently and finally submerged in the river to avoid the elephant's attention. 

Last task -

After crossing the river, a military truck was waiting for them over a bridge. but both of them didn't choose the easy way rather than adopt a harness ladder to reach on the bridge. Akshay admitted that he climbed several ladders but this one is quite difficult for him. 

iPad messages -On each passing task, Bear was rewarding the actor with some video messages on an iPad from his favorite people. The video clips featured Akshay's wife Twinkle Khanna, Suniel Shetty, and Katrina Kaif. Well, Akshay was nostalgic when he saw Suniel Shetty's message and also told Bear that even at the age of 58-59, Suniel still looks young. On the other side, Katrina calls him superhuman.

Well, all in all, Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar was an interesting and a fun ride where we first time saw Bear throwing an elephant poo tea although we have seen him several times drinking his own urine and eating rattlesnakes in his previous Man V/s Wild show. It was also fascinating to watch Akshay's inspirational story and some unbelievable stunts that we never saw him performing. Bear called this episode a 'classic military-style mission' and we agreed on his point and it taught us survival and how to cope with situations if you are stuck in the jungle with no basic amenities.
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