London Confidential Review: Totally 'RAW' and Shaky!
Friday, September 18, 2020 18:04 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa, Parvesh Rana

Director: Kanwal Sethi

Rating: **

Spy thrillers have always intrigued me and when any Indian filmmaker tries his/her hands on the genre, I feel more excited to watch it, and in search of a good spy thriller, I stumbled upon 'London Confidential'. A ZEE5 original, directed by Kanwal Sethi with Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, and Kulraj Randhawa in the central characters.

The movie 'London Confidential' promised you to show some impressions of post-COVID-19 bearings and the risk of a new virus from the India-China border. But this spy-thriller of director Kanwal Sethi doesn't seem to fill the hunger of the audience. As the important topics on which the whole movie shows to be based on, are left rough.

The film is all about the early 7 days to a conference and it begins with an Indian Intelligent field officer, Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh), who seems disturbed and nervous while calling someone. On the call, he advises the person on the other side to trust only Uma (Mouni Roy), an Indian Embassy officer, and guess what, the next moment Biren gets kidnapped by a few members of the Chinese secret agency (MSS), who give him 3rd-degree torture. Uma, who is a reliable friend of Biren, takes charge to find him out by asking help from Nirupama (Kulraj Randhawa), an Indian Ambassador in the UK.

Till this picture, you'll feel like the pacing of the scenes is so fast that you'll have to rewind to check what just happened in a previous second. Even the VFX effects or the guises are not enough to build your interest in the film as some of the movies at least give us a few good visual effects to form interest.

While finding Biren, earlier Uma doubted her co-worker, Arjun (Purab Kohli), a senior field officer, and hid some information from him. Though, you'll never get to know why she suspects him when just in another minute, she tells him everything about the case.  Was it a joke or what the director wants to convey? Anyhow, after that, they start working together while unearthing a mole inside or outside the Intelligence. Uma finds two suspects; Jeevan and Azaad (Parvesh Rana) who have been given short screen time in the whole movie. And after watching the film, you'll find out what happens to them. And fortunately, you'll get to see a bit of suspense in the storyline.

There would be so many questions that can arise in your mind while watching this movie like why Uma is shown pregnant in the film when there's nothing to do with her pregnancy in the whole story.

The concept of the film is good, but if we talk about the screenplay and storyline, it is so swift that some things are left undone, and the entire matter got messed up. 

Director Kanwal Sethi gets slipped to reveal the storyline and the characters in a perfect frame. As there are three major points to twirl the story; missing RAW agent, one more virus apart from coronavirus, and one mole in the Intelligence, but makers don't know from where to start and where to end.

In the whole movie, Purab Kohli's acting is high-grade, and even stars who are in supporting roles like Nirupama (Kulraj Randhawa) and Sharad (Sagar Arya) have done praiseworthy acting as per their roles. But, Mouni Roy, who is in the lead role, her expressions are the same in every scene as she looked in the poster. No energy, no expressions, and no emotions on her face, you'll be just tired to see her blank look, that too in the role of Intelligence officer that needs to be full of enthusiasm.

It seems makers are trying to leave a few things to unfold, to make them prying about the twists, and so that the audience requests its producers to make its sequel or to convert it into a web series. Overall, it's a film that is a proven failure on the name of a spy-thriller, and if you want to waste your weekend then it would be the best option.
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