Kiara Advani gets candid with Neha Dhupia on JioSaavn No Filter Neha Season 5
Thursday, October 22, 2020 17:06 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Kiara Advani who is all set to charm us with her upcoming Bollywood film 'Laxmmi Bomb' along with Akshay Kumar, recently opened up on No Filter Neha Season 5. Here's what the diva talked about.

Kiara on being a Home-bird

Haan kabhi kabhi it feels like that ki bahot ho gaya ab nikal na hai ghar se, but I feel this time has also given me the leeway to do things that I wasn't able to do. Let's be honest we have to be on this particular healthy eating diet and when I was shooting last year, I barely had the time to go to the gym, so I had to be on a diet. I have used these 4-5 months whatever it's been and eaten everything. So, I have gone for it, the pizzas, the burgers, I have indulged with my family and I think, it's been, It's really been a blessing.

Kiara on being blessed with healthy metabolism and her weird food combinations!

I am blessed with putting on and losing equally fast. So, I know, I can go back to my old weight. My dinner is still Bhindi, Kaddu and Salmon. It's not like I do it to be fit, I genuinely like it and I genuinely enjoy it like I love home food, I love sabzis. From all the proteins, my favorite is fish, when you come to think, I think it's a very odd mix I don't think anybody eats bhindi which Salmon, even my Mum be like what is this meal you're eating. I'm gonna invite you for dinner and you must try it with me, I can guarantee you that you will not like it, it's an acquired taste which I have acquired and I love.

Kiara on Hanger management

So, my only vice in life is this that I have this thing where if I have planned to eat at a particular time, or if I want to eat a particular thing and its very simple things, if Ican't get it something else happens. My dad always tells me, please carry a box of nuts or something because you need to keep munching on something because, it's probably because your BP drops and you don't know who you become but we don't like this version and my mom is like, your true colors comes out when you haven't eaten and she's like a person will know your colors if you show them only when you haven't eaten

Kiara's worst Hanger story ever!

It's really split personality, I have this other side, I should actually start naming her in fact. I think the worst has only been seen by my team because it always happens at lunch break on set when it'slike 1:30 say its 2 O'clock and I eat at 12 and they are doing lighting set up, I will run, even if its 10 minutes I will eat in those 10 minutes and come back. But that's like my time I start getting hungry for lunch. And I think my team has seen like they leave me, they don't even come when they see her coming out, one by one they all start sneaking out of the van and when they come back, I'm back to normal. So, it's a very strange thing. I haven't thought of a name yet, she just comes in. This is such a fab Laxmmi Bomb promotion, maybe I should call her Laxmmi Bomb.

Kiara talks about #ChillCoronawithKi

I think, you know the minute you know someone else is going through the same feeling as you are, there is certain togetherness and you feel you know what we'll get out of it together. I mean it was really simple, I mean it was that and it was amazing because so many people reached out and if you have the time and you ifyou read the comments on that post, it's beautiful. So many people have given their own advice, in fact there were so many mothers who didn't know what to do with their babies how to entertain them and keep them busy and stuff, so it was a nice fun thing to do and it was nice to know that you're not alone in it, everybody has their own battle that they are fighting at this point and a lot of us are going through the same thing so we can share our experiences and come out of it stronger together.

Kiara on spending time with her parents

I feel for them it's more exciting because it's like 'oh we have our kids to ourselves now'. I think it's nice when we all sit down for meals together and that's something Ireally missed, I missed having breakfast, lunch and dinner, like my dad and I, we always made it a point to eat breakfast together, that's like our time. My brother wakes up a little later, but my father and I will sit together and we will have a conversation about every single thing that is happening in the world and I missed that because so many days because of all our all odd shoot timing, waking up at 5 and going on sets so that was nice, that came back. My mother has become a top chef, I didn't know my mother could cook like this because we don't have anybody at home to cook so she took upon herself. She has managed to make me Bhindi, Kaddu, everything and she can YouTube anything and be a master chef.

Kiara on her mom being the next level fan!

She is like next level fan. It has been 5-6 years and I'm still saying, Mumma stop, stop forwarding all of my promos to every single contact on your list. There was a time, her school page on Facebook, she runs a school, I had to tell her and this is the time when she just understood Facebook, I had to tell her that this is the school page not your personal page you cannot be putting up your daughter's movies things on your school page, these parents are not gonna be looking at that. And she's just like oh shuks because she was all new to the world of Social media. But she reads everything, she gets so excited, she is the mom who will watch Miss Dhinchakand get excited to see me, even if there's a rumor, and even if she knows it's not true, she'll be like my daughter came on TV today. She is that mother, she just loves it, she just loves to see me and then she'll always have a comment, she'll be like, 'You know I wish you did this to your hair,supposing she's is taking a video of me, and I'm like just take the video, don't direct me. She's really cute, I get annoyed when it happens but after that it makes for a great story. I miss her directions, I miss her enthusiasm behind the camera, she's seen my journey, she sees me practice, she sees me work hard and I think she just feels proud at the end of the day and that's all that matters.

Kiara on sneaking in bhindis in restaurants

It doesn't work in South Mumbai, only works in Bandra because South Mumbai treats you normally, Bandra gives you that feeling 'ki ha koi aya he' because all the celebrities are around, so Bandra allows me to sneak in bhindi at a fancy restaurant while everyone around is eating their gourmet food and I am having my gourmet homemade bhindi.

What Kiara did to look innocent in a security situation!

The sun glass story, I was in Kashmir for an ad shoot. It's the most beautiful place that I have ever seen, but of coursebecause of the security issues, there is a lot of security everywhere you look right and for somebody from Mumbai or any other place in this country, it's a new experience. It did intimidate us first, we were passing a CRPF they were all looking at you because that's their job and I was like - am I looking innocent, and I put my sunglasses down. It was really stupid, and they were cat eyed sunglasses. So my makeup artist looks at me and she's like 'Now you're looking like you're a problem, you better take those off'. So I was like oh shit. I think it's just fun to be silly sometimes. It's like let the child in you have fun and I think that's what who I am. I am a bit no filter most of the time but it's also with the people I am most comfortable with.

Kiara's biggest phobia

I have major bird phobia. I don't know what it isbut I have major bird phobia. I'll start crying. I could never do that Masakali song that Sonam Kapoor did. If anybody told me this is what I have to do in a movie, I would leave the film. I would totally leave the film.

Kiara on when she felt she shouldn't be on this film set

I don't think I should not name the movie, I think you would know the movie. Actually to be very honest, I knew it from the script level, so I take full responsibility for that. I think it takes a lot of conviction to say those dialogues and I had to like cry and get into a whole intense scene and then mouth teasedialogues which was sounding like, which generation do I belong to almost. I don't think I should name the movie.

Kiara Advani's current status of relationship...

So, I really like the status that says, 'I am single till I'm married'. So, I'm not married, that's why I'm single.

Kiara Advani on her dating lifestyle...

I'm just trying to think how much I've dated before I was famous and compare the two. You know what, its only that you end up meeting people in your line of work much more than you would meet people otherwise. I mean, if I was dating or getting married to an actor, I don't think the profession would matter so much.


Kiara Ali Advani's ideal man!

Your boyfriend should have the wit of - Like, Jennifer Lawrence, I think she's really funny.

The looks of? - The looks of Hrithik Roshan

The discipline of? - Akshay Kumar

The stamina of? - I think, for his age and like the amount that he's doing, I mean he's the first actor who started shooting so, maybe Akshay Sir

The money of? - The Ambanis! Daa... that doesn't matter, it's okay. I'm just going for the best of everything now

The talent of? - Thinking of Farhan Akhtar, and Ayushmaan, also. Both!

Kiara Advani talks about Karan Johar on the sets of Lust Stories and her experience shooting a certain scene

We're really lucky when you work with Karan because he acts out the whole thing. He would do a scene and he would just be like - scene. And be like now you'll do it. He would do every single persons performance - mine, Vicky's, yours. He'd tell each of us what to do which is very interesting and I think he, at least for me, he literally held my hand through that. So, most of the homework, I would say was happening simultaneously on set. We're having conversations with him and just like see him do it. But, of course because it was this vibrator scene, I had really no experience with this device. I needed to google it. Thanks to some of the films like Ugly Truth and one or two other films that have scenes like this, I was aware of how an insinuation scene like this would look. And, then I was like you know what I have to do this, this is it. One, two, three and action and let's just like pretend and act it out, the best we can. We didn't do too many takes, because I don't think a scene like that, it's really exhausting. It's like doing fake yoga breathing or something. But, I was fully pretending and doing some, I don't know what...

Kiara talks about how she changes perfumes for every role she plays!

It started with Kabir Singh. I think I heard another actor talk about doing this and I am feeling very bad that I don't remember who this actor was. But, I think that's where the idea came and I remember there was a perfume which my co-actors and everyone on set, whether it was my director, DOP, my co-actors for Kabir Singh, they would all talk about this particular perfume I was using while we were shooting. They would associate that scent with Preeti. So, when I went onto Good Newwz. I started using something else and I was like now I associate this with this and it just so happened. You know like certain smells or music take you back to a time and I realized that it's a great way when you're shuffling between films. It's like this is who am I today, okay, this is the perfume.

Kiara Advani on Kabir Singh and the controversies it created...

I feel like and I realize this only because of Kabir Singh that there's certain characters, today what people know me, even after a certain body of work, they can't get over certain character that you've played. They feel like this is you. It becomes larger than life. That's what happened with Preeti. I was happy when Guilty came out and Good Newwz came out and people were like okay, wow, she's a versatile actress and you know I've got all the critical acclaim for. But, with Kabir, I think, it was, I was very nervous before the film release because I was aware that section of backlash would come because we saw it happen with the first film. So, we knew it would happen. We didn't expect the extent of it because of course with the Hindi Film Industry, it's a larger audience and the way the film reached out to people, I don't think we realize that with so much love the topic would become prime-time news as well. So, that was a bit challenging but I felt like there was also so much love that there wasn't I don't know, I hope it doesn't sound wrong of me to say that it balanced out the brick-bats that came with it. I feel I have never in my career had every single person from my fraternity message me and tell me what a fantastic job I had done. I remember you coming out of our screening, like crying and hugging me and everyone was like you know, it was like you only see Preeti outburst at the end in that last scene. And, for me that scene justified everything. For me, that scene showed her strength, she wasn't just going to just go back to the man she loved. She decided to raise a child on her own, she left, she left him,she left the man her parents forced her to marry. I just felt she was not the woman that maybe other people saw her to be till that interval and I felt unfortunately for those people who did have the comments of misogyny and all of that which of course there is a part of the character but that's something that was always known to the audience when you see it in the promos also. You know that this is a man with anger management issues, that's the character narrative, that's what he took, but, I felt like in the second half you see such a downfall in his journey that it completely justified everything else for me. Unfortunately, some people just made the slap, the whole movie about one slap, it was not about one slap. That's not something that I stand for. And, that's not something that I would ever stand for and that's not something Preeti stood for, either. Because, she left him, she's like no way, you have ruined whatever we've had this entire issue and she doesn't go back to him and he comes finding her and even in that moment she doesn't want to see his face but they have a confrontation and that's what their climax scene, I think was 20 minutes long, where everything is discussed, argued and I guess, love is love at the end of the day. They both come back together. There's a reason why till today I get so many messages about the film and I know it's a character that is always whoever knows me will always have Preeti associated in their mind when they think of me. It's just a, like some characters, some with actors, you always think of that character when you think of that actor so...

Kiara speaks about the never give up vibe and her struggling days in the industry.

I understand, at the end of the day there is a certain business side of it. It wasn't like I was this overnight star after my first film. Even now, today a lot of people will think MS Dhoni was my first film. But, I feel even now, after having many successful films that feeling of you don't know what's going to happen next, that uncertainty, I think it just goes with the profession. It's an occupational hazard, you know. I think everyone no matter how successful you are or how new you are in the industry, anything can happen. So, I still have that sense of that drive and that wanting to still prove myself and still prove myself. And, I feel that comes from the fact that my first film didn't do so well and that was a time which was very difficult. I mean there would be days when I'd be at home. I didn't know what more to do. I would go for auditions, things would not work out. I would push my managers to get me certain meetings, they would not work out. It was what some of us call, what people call the struggle side of it, but it's all a part of the journey. And that's when, today when you look back, you do know what all you've been through. I think that again was a time of my life when I felt like if I don't believe in myself nobody else will. So, just don't stop. Don't give up. If I can do it, you can do it. That kind of a feeling. I had to.

When Kiara is all crazy about Bebo!

I love her. She's just amazing. I would on set whenever like Mickey would get the mirror and I would be like 'Bebo are you thinking, 'How dare you'? And she'd be like 'Just shut up now' She'd be like 'Oh god'. And you know the thing with her is you spent any amount of time with her and it's not just me, my entire crew, my entourage, everyone starts talking like her. Like 5 minutes with Kareena Kapoor, it's a Kareena Kapoor show after that for everybody else. Everyone else is talking like her, her lingo like just lingers on. It's amazing. She's just got that aura. She's wow.

Kiara's upcoming films...

I think Laxxmi Bomb will release first, then Indoo Ki Jawani, then Shershah. They're all three very, very different, special movies for me. Laxxmi Bomb is super super entertaining. It's a horror-comedy. It's my first horror-comedy. I've never done a horror film before and as fun and funny as it is shooting, it's as scary when you watch it. And then there's Indoo Ki Jawani which I'm both nervous and excited, because as the title suggests it's 'Indoo Ki Jawani' and there's a lot of me in the film. And, then there's Shershah which on a Kargil War hero. I think it's a beautiful story. I'm really really excited for people to see it. Game - Guilty or Not Guilty

Using your fame to jump lines - Guilty

Being unaware of current affairs - Guilty, sometimes

Being too honest in an interview - Not Guilty

Crushing on a co-star. If yes, who - Okay, Guilty. But I won't tell you who.

Getting a little too drunk - I don't drink. Not guilty.

Staying in touch with your ex - Not guilty

Dumping someone for someone hotter - No, no. Not done that. So not guilty.

Ignoring a fellow actor - No no, not guilty, never ignored. I was just thinking of all the actors I worked with

Nodding along without understanding what's been said? - Many times. Guilty. I do it so well in so many meetings and all

Pretending to enjoy cricket to impress someone? - Not guilty

Lying about watching a colleague's film - Not guilty. If I haven't seen it then I haven't seen it.

Stealing something? - Not guilty

Faking an orgasm? - Guilty, in Lust Stories. Fully faked it and how!

Actors stuck in one house during the lockdown and who'd do the following things:

Keep everybody entertained with their antics - Let's say Akshay Sir

Complain about doing the household chores - Definitely be Karan

Never take a bath - Never take a bath! Eeks! Maybe, I can make it sound better, like we don't want this person to ever shower. We want him to like be rugged and cool. Maybe there doesn't need to be one, we can have two. Like both, Hrithik Roshan & Aditya Roy Kapur & Siddharth Malhotra. Like fully rugged, chilling, how lovely. Who doesn't want to be a part of this house, now.

Post cooking videos on Instagram? - Sonam? Sonam's been putting up a few things, no? But a lot of people have done this

Would always be working out - All the actresses, do group workout. Or, no, no Tiger Shroff!

Getting into the fight - Ughh, they're not invited in this house

Meditate till the end of lockdown - Who meditates a lot is Shahid, so maybe him. He used to wake up at 4 in the morning and meditate and stuff before shoot.

Staying up all night and sleeping all day - Pritam! Pritam Sir.

Always stay glued to the screen - Varun Dhawan

Always listening to a script narration - I don't know all the producers in that house. Directors and producers who are going to be bankrolling these scripts. Akshay Kumar. How many films does he do? It has to be Akshay Sir. Every day he announces a film. Definitely him.
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