BB14: Pavitra Slams Rahul for making a nasty comment, BB takes back Nishant's captaincy!
Saturday, October 24, 2020 09:59 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Bigg Boss 14, October 23: Yesterday's episode started off with the first captain of Bigg Boss 14 Nishant Malkani where can be seen convincing Nikki Tamboli to come out of the red zone. Nikki is upset with her friends and is seen finding peace in Pavitra Punia's company. Jaan Kumar Sanu also tries to console her and to bring her into the green zone.

Later, Nishant convinces Bigg Boss that he tried his best to get Nikki inside the green zone but she didn't come out. He requests to speak to him in the confession room. In the meantime, Nikki gets convinced by Pavitra, Jaan, and Eijaz Khan to go back into the main house. Day 20 begins with the BB house waking up with the 'Radha' song from Student Of The Year. Nikki and Jaan are seen hugging and having a fun time in the kitchen while dancing. This is followed by Nishant, Nikki, and Jaan tell their friend Rahul Vaidya that they can't trust him completely. Rahul counters by stating that he is extremely disappointed with them as well. He then walks off from the conversation.

Later, Bigg Boss reminds Nishant of captain duties by adding that since the time he has become the captain, several house rules have been broken by the housemates. Bigg Boss also tells him that he has displayed zero leadership qualities and, in fact, tends to follow others in the house.

And as a result, Bigg Boss decides to cancel Nishant's captaincy and says that he is not fit to be a captain as of now. This is followed by Abhinav telling Nishant that his 'friends' Nikki and Jaan have been avid viewers of Bigg Boss for a long time and hence should have told him about the Bigg Boss rules.

Then comes the main highlight of the show when Pavitra slams Rahul for talking behind her back and saying that she has a crush on Abhinav. She lashes out at him and then breaks down saying that he cannot make such comments about her and a married man. Rubina consoles Pavitra and hugs her. She tells her that she knows how she is feeling at the moment. Except for Rahul, the entire house steps in to cheer Pavitra. Nishant tries convincing Rahul to apologize to her but he refuses, stating that he did nothing wrong to say sorry.

Finally, the day gets better and positive as Navratri celebrations begin in Bigg Boss house and everybody starts dancing flaunting their beautiful traditional attire.

Stay tuned for all the updates on BB 14.
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