Don't understand when man's ego will stop getting hurt: Malvi Malhotra
Friday, October 30, 2020 10:22 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Malvi Malhotra started her career as a model, featuring in ads for clothing and beauty brands and in theater 2017 with a small screen debut Udaan. She has been working in the industry for three years. She has also performed in Tamil Movies. Originally she hails from Himachal Pradesh.

As we all know how girls are fighting this dangerous world around, we don't know who has the right or wrong intention. Many girls are too been part of such a creepy and cheap world. For example, Laxmi Aggarwal the acid attack survivour, little girls being the victim of being brutally raped such as 8 years old Asifa Bano, and uncountable such cases which just make out our goosebumps raise and eyes watering.

Why Laxmi Aggarwal was attacked? Or Why many other girls got in such situations? the reason is the man's ego- How a girl said no to me?, how she could slap?, how she grew more than me? and many many more. Yes, we don't say everyone is of the same type but today's generation is almost the same.

Something again happened with one of the TV actors - Malvi Malhotra, yes- she was attacked and bayonet with a knife after she refused to a man's marriage proposal. The arraign is recognized as Yogesh Mahipal Singh, is a producer, and had met Malvi thrice before on professional grounds. Twice they met in January 2020, when Singh wanted to Assign her in the music video. The third meet started the wrong turn for dear Malvi when the accused uttered his love for her and wanted to marry her. Since that day she started avoiding him which generated the man's ego in Yogesh and he started messaging and stalking her.

Malvi Malhotra denoted the words to a news portal from the hospital where she's being treated. Malvi who is 29-year-old said, "I had just come from Dubai, I was there for 15 days. I thought the harassment would stop. But Yogesh stalked me on the phone even there, and even when I blocked him, he was at it from different numbers. After my meeting which happened in a cafe in Seven Bungalows (Andheri), I was walking back home since my home is just 15 minutes away from that coffee shop. Suddenly, Yogesh came in a car and said that I should talk to him and why I was avoiding him."

Malvi said, "Stop making the scene", Singh got down of the car and stabbed her in the stomach. Malvi told to the publication, "Next, he wanted to injure my face. I kept my hand on the face to avoid any injuries but his knife went deep into my right hand and wounded it badly. The fingers region in my left hand also got inflicted with bruises. I went down on the ground as I had started to bleed profusely."

We hope Malvi gets well soon as we have seen her earlier. We know it is not easy for one to forget such incidents in one's life but hope she gets recover soon physically, mentally and emotionally. Malvi too said, "I think it will take 2-3 months before I am alright. Right now the fingers of my left hand are not moving."

The situation is such that she has to also undergo plastic surgery.

An FIR has been registered against Yogesh Mahipal Singh, and Mumbai Police has tracked him down.

I know many people daily worship how soon we are going to get out of such a creepy world. Even the solution is we all together have to fight against the negative power just worshiping would not help. Till the time Positive Power does not take initiative to fight against The creepy Negative Power, nothing could be changed. hope people reading after this will think about this.
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