'I dress for myself, my individuality, my self-expression. For me, that is a style statement,' reveals Sonam Kapoor Ahuja at Fashion First by Femina X Grazia
Tuesday, November 03, 2020 11:47 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
A showstopper, a stylista, a trendsetter as well as a role model for every person out there who wants to follow their dreams, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has truly transformed the persona & style image of Hindi Film Heroine. Be it on the ramp or in front of the screen, the dazzling diva is a fashion icon that the entire world looks up to. The Bollywood actress talks about all things fashion, what fashion means to her and how she has managed to be effortlessly fashionable through all these years and much more at Fashion First by Femina X Grazia.

The gorgeous and stylish actress, who has donned the covers of leading global magazines and walked the red carpet at prestigious festivals and awards, speaks about how fashion for her has always been liberating. `Because of my upbringing, I realized that I don't care and just did what I wanted to do. If that's taking a risk, I guess it is. I just wanted to wear what I wanted to wear. I did what I felt like doing. I think that's what girls and boys should be able to do. Nobody should be giving you permission.`

She later goes on to say that it is this sense of individuality that perfectly makes for a telling style statement. "My style statement, if there is one, of me being a complete individual. I like being myself and expressing myself. I don't believe in dressing for others or dressing for someone's opinion, it's just for myself, my individuality, my self-expression. For me, that is a style statement. If you see anybody who's been called stylish, fashionable, gone down in history as a style icon, they've all had their individual style. I believe that's what style should be, just an individual's expression of what they think is their expression and style.`

With each family member in the Kapoor household being a trendsetter in themselves, Sonam considers herself extremely fortunate for what has been passed down to her in the form of values and some precious heirlooms. `My Nani left me her wedding jewellery. There's very simple, old, small and beautiful. She left me pearls as well that I wore at my wedding. It was a necklace that I made into saharas. I also wore a necklace that my father had gifted my mother for her 50th birthday. It is one of my most prized possessions as my father gave it to my mother and she gave it to me.`

Catch Sonam's interview on the link below as well as watch the exciting sessions, celebrity talks, masterclasses, digital pop ups, interesting DIY sessions and much more that took place over three exciting days.

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