Bicchoo Ka Khel Review: A perfect bite of entertainment!
Thursday, November 19, 2020 16:40 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Divyenndu Sharma, Anshul Chauhan, Abhinav Anand, Syed Zeeshan Quadri, Rajesh Sharma, Trishna Mukherjee, Mukul Chadda, Satyajit Sharma, Gagan Anand, Akanksha Thakur

Director: Ashish Shukla

Rating: ***1/2

Platform: ALTBalaji & ZEE5

Alt Balaji's latest offering Bicchoo Ka Khel featuring Divyenndu Sharma and many other talented actors is an extremely spicy thriller drama that unfolds the story of a young boy Akhil Shrivastav (Divyenndu Sharma) who loses his father named Babu (Mukul Chadda) to a serious coverup. The whole drama starts when one night, Babu gets in huge trouble as he accidentally finds himself at a crime scene and becomes the prime suspect. Akhil tries hard to save his father, but he gets deeper and deeper into the mess. Ultimately, Babu is killed in jail and that's when Akhil decides to take things into his hand to avenge his father's death and bring out the truth.

The crime scene starts with Akhil shooting famous advocate Anil Chaubey (Satyajit Sharma) in front of the live audience during a university festival. After killing him, he surrenders himself to the police and narrates the whole story very calmly. Till now, you must be thinking why did he surrender? Well, because he further challenges the police to prove him guilty.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a nine-episode series that is basically a revenge drama and starts with the classic music of the '80s. Set in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, the film is a full package of twists and turns. The series is very gripping till the 5th episode as till then it takes us through the background story of the crime and how it all started. Meanwhile, a fun character is police inspector Nikunj Tiwari (Syed Zeeshan Quadri) who keeps the show alive for his comical exchange of dialogues with Akhil and other characters in the film.

After the 5th episode, the film becomes a bit draggy as the whole series could have been completed in 7-8 episodes but the amazing performances make it bearable to watch it till the end. There's no doubt in claiming that the series will not make you feel bored at any point and urges you to seat on the edge of your screens. Some moments in the drama are pretty fun and enjoyable to watch, be it the wife of the police inspector tieing him up with a rope to make love being influenced by the English sex or the funny abuses that have been used as punches.

The end seems sloppy and you feel suddenly too many things are happening around you, just to create more confusion, which actually ends up making the series draggy. But Ashish Shukla has also showcased some brilliant shots for which the director needs an appreciation.

The drama focuses on the lives of small-town people who unknowingly become a pawn in the bad works of powerful and rich families. At some points, the writing deserves applause as it is the life of the show and at some other points, it could have done better. The characters in the film have chosen very wisely as per the demand of the roles. Let's take a moment to first appreciate Divyendu's performance as Akhil Shrivastav. The Mirzapur actor steals the show with his perfect dialogue delivery, comic timings and convincing emotions on the screen.

Abhinav Aanand who plays Akhil's best friend in the film is also good but doesn't get enough time to prove himself. Anshul Chauhan, who plays Akhil's love interest Rashmi also delivers a strong performance. Her chemistry with Divyenndu is endearing and one of the highlights of the show. Also, the background music of the show is mindblowing as it enhances the feel of suspense much more. The title song is inspired by an old Hindi song and no doubt that this new version will make you snap your finger.

Well, this has to be one of the best crime-thrillers of 2020 as it has a full package of comedy, romance, emotions and drama. The episodes are short and won't take much of your time. So, for viewing something funny, thrilling and full of suspense, watch 'Bicchoo Ka Khel'.
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