Shalini Kapoor gives up non-veg fare for her role in Jai Maa Durga
Thursday, January 03, 2008 13:25 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shalini Kapoor the face of Goddess Durga in the television show 'Jai Maa Durga' produced by Prem Sagar of Sagar Arts seems to have taken her role too seriously.

So dedicated is Shalini towards her work in this serial that the Punjabi lass has not only gone vegetarian during the shoots, but also convinced her co-actors and crew members to change their food habits on the sets.

Recently when we caught up with Shalini and asked her the reason behind the sudden change, she quipped, "Actually I had made a wish (mannat) that if I am selected for this role, I will not consume non-vegetarian food whenever I am on the sets of the show or wearing the costume of Maa Durga.

Since we are shooting for 15 days a month for the serial now, it is as good as giving up non-vegetarian food." But hailing from a Punjabi family wasn't it difficult to give up non-vegetarian food?

"Well, to a certain extent it was. In our family my father and I are complete non-vegetarians, while my mother and sister are more on the vegetarian side. Nevertheless, when I decide on something I ensure that I keep my commitment."

Meanwhile, Shalini told us that she has even convinced her co-stars and crew members to follow her and she is enthusiastic about it too.

"Although it is an entirely personal affair, they have willingly agreed to my request and don't take non-vegetarian food when I am around." Elaborating, Shalini says, "Currently, we are shooting in Baroda and it is very difficult to get good food there.

Most of the unit members had to survive on omlette-pav (bun) and I have banned this item during the shooting."

When we told her that the unit members of the remake of ‘Jai Santoshi Maa' used to keep a fast on Fridays – the day of the Goddess – and asked her if she too did something like this on Wednesdays – the day of Goddess Durga, Shalini replied in the negative.

However, Shalini told us a small incident following which she has been keeping a fast on Mondays. "We have a temple in our house and one day, I dreamt of Shivji coming to our temple.

The very next day I established a Shivling in the temple and began keeping fasts on Mondays said to be the day of the God," she says with devotion and reverence.

Well, we all wish Shalini great success and a great career ahead. The Punjaby girl is not only working hard with her character in the serial, but also taking a keen interest in its activities.

Looks like ‘Jai Maa Durga' too will be a super-duper hit like Sagar Arts' previous productions ‘Ramayan' and ‘Mahabharat'. Shalini, we are sure that you will not only have the blessings of ‘Maa Durga' in your venture, but even ‘Shivji' will be with you all along!
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