I use to curse them it was so painful: Deepika Padokone
Saturday, January 03, 2009 11:45 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Q.Your first thought when you were offered CC2C
. The first thought was oh! My god an action film with Akshay Kumar, he is the king of action. But I have managed to pull it off. I never thought that so early I would get chance to work with Akshay Kumar. This is his come back in action films after a long time and I was thrilled about it. It was nice to work with Nikhil Advani and entire team of CC2C.

Q. What preparations have you done for the film as you also have some action scenes in the film?
Well a lot, I started training actually six months before I started shooting. I trained in India in jujitsu before I had trainers from hong-kong who were to train me in specific act that we were going to shoot for the film.

It was torturous because been on the cable were painful, I have never done that before and my body would ach at the end of the day and get a massage. But next day back on the cables. But I think its all paid off.

Q. How was the experience shooting in Delhi to great wall of china.
I always thought that I would go the great wall of china as a tourist and not for the shoot, but I'm proud of the fact that an Indian film and me a part of the film, we have managed to work this out to shoot at great wall of china, I don't think its possible quiet often.

And definitely its an accomplishments as an actor that certain things we would like to shoot at one of the big locales. Although it was extremely cold when we were shooting there and I give the credit to the entire unit member, it is very difficult to carry the equipment up and down they have worked hard to it and it all pays off once you see the result.

Q. Has Akshay seen any of your action scenes, has he commented anything?
While training he was not around and thank god because I would have been a nervous wreck but what he actually helped was when we had a fight sequence together, I was sweating and completely tensed and he said this is not the way you do action, you have to be calm, act it like a dance and completely graceful while doing this scenes.

Being a dancer grace comes naturally to me, but being calm with sword in your hand where Akshay Kumar is in front of you is not possible, but we rehearsed a lot and I'm looking forward to that scene.

Q. International crew.
International crew that we have worked is Warner Bros. And the major part was from India we had a Hong Kong crew also there were crew from India. It's nice to see how people have different creative minds, we have learnt a lot from them they have got lot to learn from us. I would also like to mention Gordon liu... we are absolutely previledge that he agreed to be a part of our film.

Q.Dee dee Ku - International action choreographer
Th was wonderful working with mr. Dee dee Ku, but during the action sequence I use to curse them it was so painful and difficult and next day I use to wonder how will I do that. But he would come on the set with a silky hair and a smile on his face like all will be ok.

Q. Gordon Liu of 36th Cahmbers of shaolin and roger Yuan the master of kungfu.
Fortunately, I don't have any action sequence with Gordon Liu and the best part is I play his bodyguard in the film, he is like my father figure in the film.

He is a sweet person, we didn't communicate much because language was the barrier but without saying much we would understand what we were saying and I'm really happy that after dubbing for the film he really appreciated the action that I have done in the film.

He came to me and congratulated me, he shook my hand and said that he has never seen a girl doing that kind of action, for me that is some sort of satisfaction because he is the kung fu master himself and I've just attempted some thing new for which I have been appreciated. It was wonderful feeling.

Q. Memorable experiences
The entire film, we have been shooting for almost a year now. Its unforgettable experience working for this film, it's a huge platform for me.

Q. Song
There is theis beautiful slow song where I and Akshay jumps of from the building. The entire song is CG, and it's a different experience, as its slow romantic song and most women tend to be dancing but I was tied to the cable and was having umbrella in my hand and holding Akshay with one hand because it's the whole thing where I'm rescuing him and this umbrella helps rescue both of us. Thought romantic being on cables this was the most painful song.

Q. Favourite scene from film
The action scenes that I have done because that was lot more challenging to me as compared to other things I have done in the film.

Other thing is since I have double role in the film there is this scene where one of me is locked in the cupboard and other is outside the cupboard it was great shooting for that, for this scene we have used this technique called stopblock where you shoot then you have to lock your camera then I go and change for my another look and go into other bit very interesting and one of my favourite scenes.
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