Chandni Chowk To China
Friday, January 16, 2009 09:54 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Shorey, Mithun Chakravorthy and Gordon Liu
Direction: Nikhil Advani
Rating: **1/2

A small village in China is terrorized by one cruel gang lord, Hojo (Gordon). Fed up of his tyrannies, the hapless villagers consult an astrologer who tells them that China's most famous ancient warrior Liu Sheng has re-incarnated and he is the one who will kill Hojo.

Two villagers go in the hunt of this re-born Liu Sheng which happens to be one staying in the famous Chandni Chowk of Delhi in India. This bloke Siddhu (Akshay) in real is anything but their warrior they are in the look out for.

Working in a paratha shop, as a vegetable cutter, the portly Siddhu is forever chasing dreams of a luxurious life without wanting to do hard work to achieve it.

His foster father, Dada (Mithun) is fed up of his lethargic ways and always tries to make him realize his hidden potential. The two Chinese villagers finally find Siddhu and with the help of a fraud Chinese astrologer Chopstick (Ranveer) manage to take him to their village in China.

Chopstick too tags along as Siddhu's translator. During the journey, Siddhu encounters Sakhi (Deepika) a popular model and falls for her instantly but soon his hopes come crashing as he comes across her lethal side of that of a thief.

But little does he know that its not Sakhi but her long lost twin Suzie aka Meow Meow (Deepika again) whom he has got confused with. What happens when Siddhu arrives in the remote Chinese village and how Hojo reacts to his arrival and what it leads to forms the rest of the film!

There had been lots of expectations raised from the slick promos of the film but unfortunately, the film doesn't really end up being the joy ride it promises to be.

The biggest flaw of CC2C lies in its predictable script which packs in all the 70s masala including lost and found, revenge drama, the triumph of good over evil just that the setting is changed from India to China.

The film begins well with a superbly shot fight on the wall of China but then the pace dips as Siddhu's daily life is introduced.

Then again post the interval any average cinegoer can predict what is in store at what intervals and there is where boredom starts creeping in.

You keep looking at your watch hoping it to end. Also, despite a good built up given to Hojo's Kung Fu expertise and hopes raised about the one on one fight between him and Siddhu, the climax fight ends up being very short and disappointing.

Amongst the most redeemable factors about CC2C is Akshay Kumar. He makes you laugh, cry and cheer for him but then again he is let down by an average script.

But it's a great treat watching Akshay going back in the action mode and doing some really breathtaking Kung Fu stunts. Deepika Padukone in a double role does well but the chemistry between her and Akki is clearly missing.

Gordon Liu as the villain is simply superb. He manages to bring out terror just with a stare. Ranvir is good as usual whereas Mithun impresses in the few sequences that he gets.

The music of the film appears better when watching the songs onscreen as they have been very lavishly picturised, especially the title track. The film scores full marks on the technical front. But we wish we could say the same about the script!

The film is a must see for hardcore Akshay Kumar fans, for the rest well one can only say that if you want to get nostalgic about the 70s cinema with some humor mixed with it then going for this 2 hour 40 minutes film won't be a bad idea.
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