Rani Mukherjee compares Sherlyn Chopra with Sophia Lauren
Friday, June 05, 2009 13:00 IST
By Joginder Tuteja , Santa Banta News Network
/> In a profession that witnesses ugly cat fights due to cut throat competition, Rani Mukherjee has taken the first step of complimenting a co-artist for her performance.

She surprised Sherlyn Chopra, who has a major role to play in the yet untitled Yash Raj Films production, by not just lending her tips on how to face the camera but also comparing her with none other than Hollywood legend Sophia Lauren!

The incident happened recently at BPCL Sports Club where the film, which stars Shahid Kapoor as the male lead, was being shot. Rani was in a particularly happy mood and showered praises on the girl who has not signed any other project than this Yash Raj film and is riding her luck on this single film.

She went ahead and called Sherlyn as a younger version of Hollywood legend Sophia Lauren. Since few years back, Bipasha Basu was compared with Sophia Lauren, Sherlyn was naturally ecstatic.

"Sophia Lauren comparison? Well, all I can say is that I am humbled. I think Rani has been overtly nice, but hey, who doesn't like compliments?

Being someone who is so mature and serious about her work, I sincerely hope that she really meant it when she said so. I would love to keep getting feedback and compliments from an actor of her stature", smiles Sherlyn.

The 1934 born Sophia Loren is an Academy Award-winning Italian film actress. She is widely considered to be the most popular Italian actress of her time and is also famous for being a major international sex symbol.

Moreover, for the shooting of a particular sequence, even though Rani Mukherjee was not required, she still hung around to see the way Sherlyn approached her scene.

Informs a source, "Sherlyn didn't have any clue that Rani was watching her on the monitor, especially for her close up shots. She was engrossed in her performance and was later told by one of the production unit members that Rani was very interested in knowing how she was delivering."

The 'bindaas' and 'outrageous' young woman is happy that she was oblivious of Rani's presence on the sets.

"Thank goodness, that I came to know about it later because I would have been conscious had I known earlier that Rani was following what I was doing. You never know, I may not have delivered my natural best", says Sherlyn who is looking at reinventing her career while leaving the disappointment of Red Swastik (2007) behind.

As per a source from the production unit, Rani was watching Sherlyn's close up shots with keen interest as she is apparently quite fond of her never ending desire to learn the nuances of the art of portraying emotions. In fact, Rani also gave her tips on how to face the camera and explained to her how important it is to know technical details of the varied camera lenses.

"Sherlyn was glad that Rani was spending so much of quality time in discussing technical nuances with her", informs the source, "Sherlyn has done only a few films but Rani has been around for so long.

She is a reigning star and for someone like her to spend time with her says volumes about her humbleness and professionalism. She was being a friend as well as a mentor, a good combination indeed. Who wouldn't want to learn from a senior actor like her?"
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