I resfused to let SRK share publicity with Jackky
Friday, June 12, 2009 12:38 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Producer Vashu Bhagnani's war with his director Vivek Sharma just got murkier.

One of Vivek Sharma's demands on his producer is to let Shah Rukh Khan share the publicity hoardings with debutant Jackky Bhagnani.

But Vashu protests, "Vivek had worked with Shah Rukh in Bhootnath. He came and told me he wanted to bring Shah Rukh into a cameo in Kal Kisne Dekha and now he wants it publicized. How can I single out Shah Rukh for prominence when there're other big stars making guest appearances in Kal Kisna Dekha?

My motive is to make a movie for and promote my son. The big stars like Shah Rukh are in the film to bless Jackky. I don't want people to be conned into believing Shah Rukh has a big role.

I don't come from a place where stars are exploited by producers in brief roles, sorry. Look at Rishi Kapoor. He returned a part of the payment when he knew I was facing a financial crunch. I'm obliged to this man.

Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor...they are humanbeings. We all are going through recession and this is the time we need to come together to save the industry, not try to gain cheap publicity by hurling accusations."

Disgusted and shocked by Vivek's behaviour Vashu says, "I heard he had a problem with Mehak Chahal in South Africa to the extent that she left my son's film in disgust.

She sent me more than twenty messages describing what he allegedly did. But I didn't pay attention. I am a decent man so I refused to believe these stories. But going by Vivek's recent behaviour I'm persuaded to believe Mehak."

The harassed producer, just back from London is shocked and demoralized to hear the director's apparent allegations of payment default and even slapping.

"How can I slap him from London? Vivek's PRO made up the story. I've never slapped anyone. He says he'll expose me. What have I done to him? Have I cheated or raped him? He says he'll teach me a lesson. What will he do? Slap me? He's a powerful man. He has worked with Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan."

The minute Vashu landed in Mumbai on Tuesday he called Vivek Sharma's lawyer over and sorted it out. "He has slapped a legal notice on me for nothing. He was supposed to get the full and final payment on the day of the film's release on June 12.

I can show me a copy of the legal agreement. I've now cleared his dues fully. I've more important things to think about. My entire family has been visiting temples keeping fasts and mannats for my son. I've spent Rs 34 crores over my son's film. Who would give this kind of film to a relatively new director to direct?

As father I am grateful to Vivek Sharma for taking on a film with a newcomer after directing Mr Amitabh Bachchan (in Bhootnath). But as a producer I can't take his rude behaviour.

He's been going around telling people, ‘Who's Jackky Bhangani' Jackky is my son. And he has done a good job. I maintain Vivek is a good technician. But his ego is larger than his talent."

Vashu is still incredulous, "Vivek wanted to put a stay order on my son's film for money. For a small sum of money???!!! I've emptied my coffers to make Kal Kisna Dekha. I've only one son.He has worked hard. From a fat 130 kg kid he became a 70 kg lad. Anyway I've cleared all of Vivek's dues. And I wish him all the best."
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