Afternoon S(ex)iesta
    Make sure your kid is fast asleep before you make out, otherwise you're screwed just like them.
  • Sexy Death Sexy Death Here is the most benevolent way to give capital punishmet to people above 60. Alas Dhananjay was just 40.
  • Gays n Gals! Gays n Gals! Women just love this ride but if you're a man and still enjoyed it, you're a sure GAY!
  • Geeks Anti Virus Geeks Anti Virus Here is something for those who just can't get enough of the cyber sex...
  • Magical Bra! Magical Bra! Magic of wonders is only a magic till you meet a magician who can do real wonders... Confused? Have a look...
  • Hitting Puss Eye! Hitting Puss Eye! If Rajyavardhan Rathore would have been practising on this same shooting range as his Saudi counterpart, he'd have bagged gold for sure.