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Neelam Verma

Age: 26
Height: 5-9'
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Hazel

Q. Who are your heroes? Why?
My father is a hero to me. He came from humble beginnings with a dream of creating a better life for his family. He settled in Canada, giving us a life full of enriched opportunities and experiences. Through my father, I have learned that with hard work, perserverance, and strong values, I can move confidently in the direction of my dreams and make them a reality. Maya Angelou is a "Phenomenal woman" who has inspired great minds. Her belief in inner beauty, the strength of a woman, and her celebration of life has left a lasting impression on me.

Q. Are you currently a student?

Q. Are you currently employed?
Yes. i am a television host in Toronto at CFMT Network.

Q. Please list educational/technical/professional schools you have attended and the type od certificate or degree awarded:
York University with honours (BA in Business Administration)

Q. What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?
To be established in a career in broadcasting in the international arena, raising a loving family with a husband, and working towards open access to education to all people around the world. I hope to continue to live passionately.


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