FIFA 2014: Newbies To Watch Out For

  • FIFA 2014: Newbies To Watch Out For

    FIFA 2014: Newbies To Watch Out For

    With FIFA fever soaring till the limits here we bring for you the list of some of the worth a watch newbies of soccer aisles....

  • No 10. James Rodriguez (Colombia)

    No 10. James Rodriguez (Colombia)

    This explosive front-line warrior of Colombia is another young talent who is worth a watch in FIFA 2014.

  • No 9. Isco (Spain)

    No 9. Isco (Spain)

    Undoubtedly Isco who is considered to be one of the biggest young talents of Europe is destined to emerge as one of the iconic player of Spain, and we the soccer fans are lucky enough to see him flaunting his football skills in this edition of FIFA.

  • No 8. Christian Eriksen (Denmark)

    No 8. Christian Eriksen (Denmark)

    After making his qualify, Eriksen will surely cauterize some of the infallible arrows from his sporting arsenal in FIFA 2014.

  • No 7. Stephan El-Shaarawy (Italy)

    No 7. Stephan El-Shaarawy (Italy)

    Stephan El-Shaarawy the razor sharp forward attacker of Italy literally took football arena by storm by his performance in recent leagues, and it's time to see him astonishing everyone in FIFA 2014.

  • No 6. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)

    No 6. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)

    This ace Belgian player undoubtedly own that soccer dexterity which will make him one of the most sought after of Belgium in future, but before here is the time to watch him outmaneuvering his rivals.

  • No 5. Kevin Strootman (Netherlands)

    No 5. Kevin Strootman (Netherlands)

    A good defense is like half a battle won, so seems to be the case with Nethertland squad which has a pillar placed at its line of defense.

  • No 4. Wilfried Zaha (England)

    No 4. Wilfried Zaha (England)

    Wilfred proved his strength in Championship for Crystal Palace and now this bullet fast warrior of Roy Hodgson's brigade is here to make his presence feel.

  • No 3. Marco Reus (Germany)

    No 3. Marco Reus (Germany)

    Even this young German lad has that sporting vigor in him by which he can shell shock is opponents.

  • No 2. Javier Hernandez (Mexico)

    No 2. Javier Hernandez (Mexico)

    After seeing him him emerge as an outstanding performer at South Africa and performing impressively in the first season of Premier League even Javier deserves to be in this wort a watch list of players of FIFA 2014.

  • No 1. Neymar (Brazil)

    No 1. Neymar (Brazil)

    The Brazilian striker is undoubtedly on of the most sought after gaze grabber of FIFA 2014, and keeping in view his track record many are even expecting him to emerge as one of the leading goal scorer of this edition of FIFA.


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