Sexiest Bollywood Movie of 2014

  • Sexiest Bollywood Movie of 2014

    Sexiest Bollywood Movie of 2014

    Gone are the days when dishing out movies full of erotica was considered to be a taboo or profanely. And in present age of Indian cinema a sort of league has marked its onset where our cine literati are constantly competing to outmaneuver each other in this game of prurience. So with year 2014 coming to its end here we bring for you the list of some of the sexiest movies of the year.

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  • Hate Story 2

    Hate Story 2

    We guess title Hate Story has by now become synonymous to prurience, courtesy Paoli's hard work which she put in the previous edition. Wink! But there is no denying the fact that in the eponymous second edition of the movie even Surveen's hot and lethal 'ADAAs' made many men loose their sanity.

  • Ragini MMS 2

    Ragini MMS 2

    Although makers of Ragini MMS 2 made tall claims about its being the first Horrex (Horror + Sex) cine delight of Bollywood. But after seeing this 'sensuous' cine enterprise, starring stunning Sunny suffixed with a 'Conjuring' like climax, viewers got a clear gaze about the real USP of the movie. Right Na Guys?

  • Mastram


    Unlike the the kind of popularity which its written version had way back in 1980s and 90s, cinematic shape of Mastram could not fetch much from the ticket window.

    In-spite of that there is no denying the fact that the 'ero-tricky' writing of Akhilesh Jaiswal and a few of the sleazy cine sequences embedded in the movie made it potent enough to tickle the fantasies of a particular sect of cineasts.

  • Rang Rasiya

    Rang Rasiya

    We are not very sure about the others, but Randeep literally got blessed this year. And that's because finally Rang Rasiya got released in 2014.

    While apprising the the masses about the concept of the movie makers always maintained that it's a biopic of Raja Ravi Verma the man who gave faces to Indian goddesses. But in reality the movie turned out to be an entity ozzing with sensuality and made many viewers go weak in knees.

  • Zid


    When first poster and teaser of Zid made it to virtual world everyone was re-confirming about Mannara aka Barbies Handa's being the cousin of PC, because of some very obvious reasons.

    And probably trailing a different path where she opted to debut with a raunchy cine delight was Manaara's attempt to register her advent without that 'Chopra Clan' umbrella over her head.

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