Top 10 Most-Followed Celebs on Instagram!

  • Top 10 Most-Followed Celebs on Instagram!

    Top 10 Most-Followed Celebs on Instagram!

    Social networking sites have played a vital role in our lives to stay connected with our loved ones. Not only just our loved ones but also with our favourite celebrity. Celebrities around the world also try their best to get in touch with their fans, which is why they keep posting all the latest happenings of their lives on social media. Today we bring you the list of Top 10 most-followed celebrities on Instagram. Take a look:

  • Neymar Jr.

    Neymar Jr.

    The Brazilian professional soccer player made his professional debut at 17 and now plays as a forward on the Brazilian national team. The star footballer has around 101 million followers on Instagram.

  • Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber

    Ever since his debut song Justin Bieber has always been in news for many reasons. No matter what people love this guy, this is why he has 102 million followers on Instagram who adore him.

  • Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has 112 million followers on social networking site. The Rock has always been favourite of many, this is the reason he has attained so much love and respect.

  • Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner is on her way to be a Billionaire. She has achieved almost everything in life. Kylie has 112 million followers on Instagram who get all the updates from Diva.

  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has around 110 million followers on Instagram. The singer-songwriter keeps her fans updated with her posts on social networking site.

  • Kim Kardashian West

    Kim Kardashian West

    The reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian West has garnered 115 million followers on Instagram. Kim usually posts her throwback pictures on Instagram these days and when in the mood she sets the mercury rise with her bare pictures as well.

  • Beyonce


    Beyonce has 116 million followers on Instagram. Her Mother Mary-inspired pregnancy shoot threatened to break the internet when she first revealed she was pregnant with twins last year, and she's still baiting us with fashion shots, throwbacks, and Grammy fashion moments with hubby Jay Z.

  • Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande

    Ariana has 124 million followers. She kept her profile low after 2017 Manchester bombing at her concert, but now she is back on social media actively and regularly posts her photos and selfies.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo has 138 million followers on Instagram. Ronaldo continuously has a solid year of action shots, chiseled shirtless portraits, and 'get you a guy who can do both' suit and tie poses: the bread and butter. And it's paid off: he's still the No. 1 most followed guy on Instagram, moving from his post as sixth most popular to second most popular overall.

  • Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez

    For a young star who has historically had a difficult past with social media—taking hiatuses for mental health reasons - Selena Gomez has maintained the most loyal stream of followers on Instagram, topping the list. Selena has 140 million followers on Instagram.

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