Critically acclaimed Bollywood films that flopped

  • Critically acclaimed Bollywood films that flopped

    Critically acclaimed Bollywood films that flopped

    Aren't we all used to seeing masala movies with no substance going great guns at the box office? Well, we probably should have a look at some stellar performances and cinematic gems that tanked at the box office because 'masala' is what the masses want to see.

  • Citylights


    'Citylights' is like the city of Mumbai- it beats you down and when broken, it embraces you in its loving arms. The brilliant cast- Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha drink a concoction of pain and suffering prepared by the director- Hansal Mehta, to tell a hard-hitting tale.

  • Rocket Singh

    Rocket Singh

    Salesman of the year- Rocket Singh is quite relatable in recent times one of the best works of Ranbir Kapoor, Rocket Singh combines the common-man conflicts to come up with a compelling narrative.

  • Udaan


    Udaan is unconventional Bollywood at its biting best. Hailing from the Anurag Kashyap school of cinema, Udaan has the edgy feel and the bittersweet emotional core characteristic of India's neo wave cinema.

  • Bhavesh Joshi

    Bhavesh Joshi

    Vikramaditya Motwane manages to infuse him with motivations and a compelling backstory. This masked vigilante's story hits close to home, which works much in its favour of the film.

  • Ugly


    Anurag Kashyap has you glued to your seat unravelling the whodunnit, he subtly draws you into a vortex of emotions. It's the dark recesses of his characters that have you riveted.

  • Chillar Party

    Chillar Party

    The film is a funny, heartwarming, sad, and triumphant look at the fighting spirit of children. It moves from the light-hearted to the thought-provoking and from the rib-tickling to the tear-jerking without losing its equilibrium.

  • Socha Na Tha

    Socha Na Tha

    While the popular crowd noticed his work with 'Jab We Met', it was actually with his debut film Socha Na Tha, that Imtiaz Ali gave us a glimpse into the world of love that makes you want to fall in love. It was a simple love story told most beautifully.

  • Lootera


    Lootera is Vikramaditya Motwane's second outing post 'Udaan'. An epic canvas, a quiet love story, a cops-and-robbers drama, and an impressively sophisticated storytelling style: Lootera has all this and much more.

  • Khosla Ka Ghosla

    Khosla Ka Ghosla

    A small, unpretentious venture with some real funny performances, especially by Boman Irani as the crude, crotch-scratching south Delhi businessman. This one is drawn straight from the heartland of middle-class India.

  • Aligarh


    The film is the real-life ordeal of the 64-year old Professor Siras who was suspended for being gay. Some films cease to be a story or a mere depiction of an incident or an issue. You live them. Aligarh is one such biographical drama that tugs at your heartstrings.

  • Sonchiriya


    A ragtag team of doomed dacoits tries to create their destiny. But the toxic fusion of caste, violence and jungle law ensures that eventually, everyone bites the dust. Sonchiriya tries to blend Spaghetti Western style-action drama with social commentary.

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