The biggest TIK TOK stars of India

  • The biggest TIK TOK stars of India

    The biggest TIK TOK stars of India

    The followers, the likes, the fans that could put even Bollywood A-listers to shame. Yes, these Tik Tokers started off by posting random videos but are now being pursued by A-lister Bollywood stars for film promotions and what not! Meet the biggest TikTok stars of India.

  • Aashna Hegde

    Aashna Hegde

    Aashna was approached by an 11-year old fan in a restaurant! One of the most popular female Tik Tokers at 3.1 million followers and YouTube and Instagram personalities. An accomplished dancer, choreographer, she is also famous for her comedy skills and acting talent.

  • Mrunal Panchal

    Mrunal Panchal

    Mrunla has a crazy fan following of 5.8 million. Mrunal says no one can predict what will click with the viewers whose attention span changes every second. Hard work could often turn into naught and an impromptu video could become a craze.

  •  Manav Chhabra

    Manav Chhabra

    Mr Mnv started posting during his LLB days in PU, Chandigarh. And before he realised his number of viewers had jumped to a million. Today he has a dedicated following of 6.2 million, a host of fan clubs rooting for him and he is now rubbing shoulders with Bollywood superstars.

  • Manjul Khattar

    Manjul Khattar

    This Gurugram guy started his career through Instagram videos in 2016 and now has a following of 13 million! He gradually gained popularity with the females and started his own YouTube channel. He is now a crowned muser.

  • Aashika Bhatia

    Aashika Bhatia

    Tik Tok star Aashika, who has been a part of multiple TV shows as a child actress, is a youth icon now. now, she has a following of 14.7 million on Tik Tok. She also made it to the big screen and shared screen space with star Salman Khan and fashionista Sonam Kapoor.

  • Garima Chaurasia

    Garima Chaurasia

    At 18.5 million followers, she is known for her dance moves, lip-syncs and comedy videos on Tik Tok. She, too, is a crowned muser and prominently came into the limelight when she made the video grooving to Emiway Bantai's 'Boht Hard'.

  • Sameeksha Sud

    Sameeksha Sud

    At 19.3 million followers, Sameeksha Sud is an Indian actress, model and a Tik Tok star. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace Tik Tok comedian.

  • Avneet Kaur

    Avneet Kaur

    TV actress and Tik Tok star, Avneet says that one needs to be familiar with the craft of acting if one wants to tap into this zone. But consistency and regularity are what all Tik Tokers swear by. She has a following of 19.7 million.

  • Nisha Guragain

    Nisha Guragain

    Model and influencer, Nisha is a Tik Tok star at 22 million followers! She gained prominence and attention when she uploaded a lip-sync video on 'Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata Teri Wo Nazrein Milana'. At only 22, this Mumbai girl is a social media star on other platforms as well including Instagram.

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