The most explicit and bold Bollywood films ever!

  • The most explicit and bold Bollywood films ever!

    The most explicit and bold Bollywood films ever!

    Bollywood today is producing much more relevant and bold content as it was a decade or two earlier. But, when we look at our past there are a lot of films that presented language, scenes and everything else that was unacceptable to the masses that they were banned eventually and did not see the light of the day ever. So, here they are for you!

  • Unfreedom (2015)

    Unfreedom (2015)

    A modern-day thriller about a lesbian love story entangled within an Islamic terrorism-related angle. The movie was accused of 'igniting unnatural passions' and so it was denied a release in India, except for a few states.

  • Gandu (2010)

    Gandu (2010)

    The Bengali drama was a rap musical that made a lot of buzz for its sex scenes & nudity. Shot in the white & black format, the movie was banned mostly all over India.

  • Water (2005)

    Water (2005)

    This Anurag Kashyap film took up controversial issues like ostracism and misogyny which were alien to the Indian Censor Board back then. The movie was widely attacked by protesters.

  • The Pink Mirror (2003)

    The Pink Mirror (2003)

    The Pink Mirror by brought the concept of trans-sexuality to the forefront in Indian Cinema. The story dealt with the quest of two transsexuals and a gay teenager to seduce a straight man. Censor board banned it.

  • Parzania (2005)

    Parzania (2005)

    Parzania revisited Gujarat's scarred past and received much backlash and protests. Even though the film won a National Award, its cinematic excellence was not considered enough for political parties to let it screen in Gujarat, where it was banned.

  • Black Friday (2004)

    Black Friday (2004)

    Adapted from the famous book Black Friday this Anurag Kashyap's movie was considered too dark for India. The movie faced a stay order from The Bombay High Court because of the 1993 Bombay blasts case and remained slated-to-release until the trial got over.

  • Paanch (2003)

    Paanch (2003)

    Another Anurag Kashyap film this one faced a lot of heat from the Censor Board then. Believed to be based on the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders of 1997, the movie was a thriller with high octane violence and drug abuse. The Censor Board eventually decided to ban the film.

  • Sins (2005)

    Sins (2005)

    Sins is an erotic journey of a priest who falls for a woman and gets sexually involved with her. Filled with obsession, lust and his struggles with the norms of the society he lived in, Sins did not go down well with the Catholics and thanks to the nudity the movie did not see the light of the day.

  • Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love (1996)

    Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love (1996)

    Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love too faced the wrath of the Censor Board. This Mira Nair film that depicted the lives of four lovers in the 16th century in India was a hit with the critics but a major flop with the Censor Board and ultimately got banned.

  • Fire (1996)

    Fire (1996)

    'Fire' garnered a lot of critical acclaims worldwide but failed to impress some radical religious groups in India due to the subject which was bisexuality as it dealt with lesbian relationships. The Censor Board banned the movie in the India.

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