14 bizarre banknotes that are a dream for every Numismatic aka currency-collector!

  • 14 bizarre banknotes that are a dream for every Numismatic aka currency-collector!

    14 bizarre banknotes that are a dream for every Numismatic aka currency-collector!

    We are living in the age of virtual money where apps like Paytm, Google Pay have transformed the lives of the people and revolutionized the way we deal with money. But still, if you are a kind of a person who relishes collecting currencies even in this digital age, there are some banknotes that can get you hyped up. Here are 14 outstanding international banknotes that are a dream for every Numismatic aka currency-collector.

  • "Demonic" Canadian Dollars

    In the mid-age of the 20th century, the people of Canada complained that there was a demon's face in the hairstyle of Queen Elizabeth.

  • Currency of Antarctica with Penguins

    Currency of Antarctica with Penguins

    Antarctica has established its own currency in 1996, but in reality, it's for no use as it's not a country so nothing can be bought with this money.

  • Modern Canadian Dollars

    Modern Canadian Dollars

    New banknotes of Canada can shine by putting a laser under the maple leaf.

  • Bristol Pounds

    Bristol Pounds

    The currency of Bristol which was established to support the economy. There were 8 designs generated including animal pictures on it.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The designs of Bosnia & Herzegovina, their value and color scheme, all are the same just with the pictures of different people.

  • Singapore Bitcoin Banknotes

    Singapore Bitcoin Banknotes

    This unusual currency is created by Tangem and known as smart notes. To make its copy is not at all possible as there's a built-in chip in the currency.

  • Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland

    Pounds sterling that was created in 1929 with a picture of Irish footballer, George Best which is banned but still accepted in the country.

  • Swiss Francs

    Swiss Francs

    The banknotes in Swiss are really very unique but in the 1950s, they have done something unexpected. The currency represented the dance of death which is the symbol of the university of death.

  • Brazilian Cruzado

    Brazilian Cruzado

    In the currency, Candido Portinari, a Brazilian artist can be seen on one side, and on the other side, he's drawing something.

  • Bahamas 1/2 Dollar

    Bahamas 1/2 Dollar

    There is nothing much interesting in the note but the thing is it was established in 1966 and still the note is 50 cents used.

  • 50 Moroccan Centimes

    50 Moroccan Centimes

    World's smallest banknote for 50 years was established in 1944, whose size is quite bigger than a postage stamp.

  • Malaysia's Biggest Note

    Malaysia's Biggest Note

    In December 2017, Malaysia had introduced the biggest note of 8.65 inches * 14.5 inches, on which there are pictures of 9 Malaysian rulers.

  • Faroe Islands

    Faroe Islands

    The banknotes of the Faroe Islands mainly give a feel of water and look like a postcard. Also, there is a beautiful landscape picturized on the note.

  • Aruba


    This banknote had won the title of 'Banknote of the year' as it contains the green features along with dancing women and an iguana. It's secure from bogus only due to high-relief printing and colour-changing ink.


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