Top 10 award winning vodkas that will give you a real feel!

  • Top 10 award winning vodkas that will give you a real feel!

    Top 10 award winning vodkas that will give you a real feel!

    Vodka is not always the first choice of everyone in the parties, but in cocktails, it's an amazing sparkling ingredient. Presently, there are abundant flavors and brands of Vodka, but to drink a superior alcoholic beverage can give you a real feel, so how do you find the best among them? To find, here, presenting 10 award-winning Vodkas that you must try at least once in a life.

  • Russian Standard Original

    Russian Standard Original

    It's a Russian Standard Vodka that's a major Russian company producer of the premium vodka brand with the same name. The brand was founded by Roustam Tariko, in 1998. Roust-owned Russian Standard Original has won a Master medal because of its slight fruitiness on the nose and lovely touch, with notes of cherry. Russian Standard traded 3.6 million nine-liter cases in 2019, as per the Brand Champions data.

  • Blinking Owl Vodka

    Blinking Owl Vodka

    Blinking Owl Vodka is a Master medal winner - made up of organic wheat planted in California. It's full of subtle flavor & intense mouthfeel, with a lovely nose and creamy caramel. And the hint of pepper is enough to finish it as a touch of spicy. It consumes 42.5% ABV. Its craft distillery is the first vocation in Orange County, California.

  • Weedka


    It's a high-quality vodka with a 100% natural Cannabis zest. Born in Amsterdam, made in Holland, conquering the world. As a flight of flavored this vodka has won the top Master award, which contains ABV of 40%. It was founded in collaboration with Herman Jansen Beverages in Schiedam, in the Netherlands.

  • Manchester Spirit Vodka

    Manchester Spirit Vodka

    Manchester Spirit Vodka was thought worthy of a Master medal in the Premium flight. The expression presented with lots of character on the nose and served up with citrus and pine flavors. The vodka consists of 42% of ABV that is founded at Spirit of Manchester Distillery in England.

  • The Stillery's First Dinklewheat Vodka

    The Stillery's First Dinklewheat Vodka

    The Stillery's First Dinklewheat Vodka is loved for its white chocolate, almonds, wheat, and grain flavor notes. This vodka has secured the Master ranks after impressing experts in the Europe round. It tastes more like malty elements, dried fruit, and rich malty loaf. Its production is done by a distiller based in Amsterdam. The Stillery vodka is made from hill water and advised to serve in cocktails like the Martini.

  • Bulbash Green Line Delicate

    Bulbash Green Line Delicate

    Bulbash Green Line Delicate: The vodka due to its pleasant punch along with a creamy glaze, surely gives a smooth taste, was selected for the round of Smooth vodkas for the Master medal. Its taste justifies the name of this vodka and worth as a master medallists of the competition.

  • Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals

    Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals

    Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals: Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals was selected as a Master medalist in the Flavoured/Infused round. In fact, it is also termed as 'a party where everyone is invited' by one of the board members. Tasting notes included 'cedar, lemon citrus, pine and a hint of berry'. It is inspired by the midsummer folklore of picking seven different flowers and botanicals under your pillow during midsummer.

  • Tamova Vodka

    Tamova Vodka

    Aldi Stores Australia has given the Master medal to Tamova Vodka. As its nose is light and clean that led to maltiness, stone fruits, and good equilibrium. It's is a middle-of-the-road neutral vodka that won't drive excitement, but nor does it offend. For a boozy vitality without any flavor, it does the job.

  • Stalinskaya Blue

    Stalinskaya Blue

    Stalinskaya Blue: One of the major four Master medallists in the Premium round, it's Stalinskaya Blue. It gives deep, dark grain notes on the nose with some salinity and dark chocolate flavor on the palate. This vodka is derived from superior grain liquor through a three-step method. After which it gets filtered through charcoal made from birch wood and aromatic plants.

  • Edwards 1902

    Edwards 1902

    Potato based vodka is the first alcohol that is made from the county's finest produce. Moreover, it gained a Master in the Smooth segment for Edwards 1902 which provides a fruity & chocolatey nose. It is also called 'different and inviting' along with smoothness. The production is by Elsham Wold Distillery in England. This vodka is made with King Edward potatoes grown in Lincolnshire that consists of 40% ABV.

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