Top 10 celebs under the age of 21!

  • Top 10 celebs under the age of 21!

    Top 10 celebs under the age of 21!

    In all corners of the film world, there are bigger and better opportunities open for young actors. From Billie Eilish to Sophia Lillis, meet the under-21 stars raking the money, attracting the fans, and that too, like no generation did before them. These days, children appear to be growing up quickly, or maybe they are only offered more chances to display their talents. With the emergence of social media, the stardom of some teens is also rising. It's also because the demand for teens on streaming platforms like Netflix is also expanding. Here we're presenting such teens who become the big celebs in & under the age of 21.

  • Rohan Chand

    Rohan Chand

    Rohan Chand is a child actor from the United States. He also starred in films such as Jack and Jill, Poor Terms, and Lone Survivor. He also appeared in Homeland's 'Crossfire' episode. In Jumanji, he made a guest appearance in 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' in 2017.

  • Lachlan Watson

    Lachlan Watson

    Lachlan Watson is an actress from America who is just 19 years old. Watson was one of Hollywood's youngest pro stars at the time of her 2018 debut in the original Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

  • Josie Tota

    Josie Tota

    Josie Totah launched her career as a child actor with a recurring appearance in Disney's 'Jessie' and Mindy Kaling's 'Champion.' Tota debuted as a transgender woman in 2018 and scored a major female role in the remake of 'Saved By the Bell.'

  • Sophia Lillis

    Sophia Lillis

    Sophia Lillis is an actress from the US. In the horror films It and It: Chapter Two, she is recognized for her appearance as Beverly Marsh and for her supporting role as a girl with telekinetic capabilities in the Netflix drama series 'I Am Not Okay with This'.

  • Noah Schnapp

    Noah Schnapp

    Noah Schnapp played the role of Will Byers in 'Stranger Things', a science fiction horror streaming TV-series on Netflix, for which he received an Ensemble in a Drama Series Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance. And he's just 16.

  • Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is the biggest star of the 2020 Netflix series 'Never Have I Ever' by Mindy Kaling. It was her first-ever role. More than 15,000 other candidates wanted to book the gig, but she managed to book herself for it, and her performance was a big hit!

  • Joey King

    Joey King

    As a child star, Joey King is fairly influential. Before the age of 12, he had dozens of acting jobs. He has already demonstrated his talent as a child, and in his teenage, he's able to secure some serious leading roles. For the hit series 'The Act,' he won nominations for both a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

  • Finn Wolfhard

    Finn Wolfhard

    Finn Wolfhard had short roles as a child actor in 'Supernatural' and 'The 100.' At the age of 14, he hit it big when he got a starring role in 'Stranger Stuff', a Netflix series, and also went on to feature in 'It' the following year in the Stephen King horror. He had already made his directorial debut by the age of 18 with the short movie 'Night Changes.'

  • Millie Bobby Brown

    Millie Bobby Brown

    At just the age of twelve, Millie Bobby Brown received attention for her appearance as Eleven in the first installment of 'Stranger Things', a Netflix sci-fi series that was renewed for three seasons. Even in movies such as 'Enola Holmes' and 'Godzilla: Lord of the Monsters,' she went on to appear as well as become a desirable model for the cover of various magazines.

  • Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish

    Besides this 19 years old girl, Billie Eilish, there is no more popular or powerful young star. Before turning 16, she made her name as a musical sensation. She became the first artist ever to be nominated at the Grammys for all four big awards, and became the second person and the first woman in history to earn all of them.

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