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Now never miss any update. Subscibe to our RSS feeds to receive updates in your email daily without any spam.

The subscription is handled directly through Feedburner and your Email ID remains secure with absolutely no unwanted email in your inbox.


How to subscribe the newsletter?
  1. Enter your Email ID in the textbox.
  2. Click on Subscribe button in front of the newsletter you want to subscribe.
  3. A window will open from Feedburner which will present a captcha image.
  4. Fill Captcha text and hit Complete Subscription Request button.
  5. You will receive an email from feedburner which will contain a link to complete your subscription request.
  6. You will start getting daily updates.

I want to see a preview of the newsletter.
Just click on the Newsletter name and a feedburner window will open containing the newsletter preview along with host of other subscription options besides email.

I want to subscribe multiple newsletters.
To subscribe multiple newsletters, you need to repeat the same steps by clicking subscribe button multiple times.

Is the process secure?
Your subscription is 100% secure as you are providing your email ID directly to feedburner and we do not store your email ID. Zero spam and 100% fun.

How can I opt out?
We will be sad to let you go and miss out on the interesting updates. In case you choose to stop your subscription, you can do so by clicking Unsubscribe Now link present at the bottom of every newsletter email being sent.