'The Great Heist' Review: A nail-biting Columbian thriller based on a historic robbery
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 17:39 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Andres Parra, Christian Tappan, Waldo Urrego

Director: Pablo Gonzalez

Platform: Netflix

Rating: ***1/2

There is a reason Netflix is the king digital world as with the increasing demand for content in the age of Covid-19 the OTT giant keeps bringing the most engaging content for its users. After the humongous success of The Money Heist, now Netflix's latest offering is 'The Great Heist'. It is a gripping six-episode series based on the 1994 robbery of the National Bank of Columbia when a gang robbed 24 Billion Colombian Pesos, making it the biggest robbery in the country.

This limited series has a lot to offer with its marvellous plotline and the whole step by step intriguing process of the heist. It stars Andres Parra as 'Chayo', the leader of the heist that builds a strong team who have their own desires that drive them to rob the bank. 'Chayo' is an amoral jeweller who is neck-deep into serious debt and needs his best friend and old crime partner 'Molino' (Christian Tappan) to execute the heist.

Molina is less than interested in joining Chayo as his last mission with him resulted in Molina getting shot two times and kidney dialysis. The plot moves forward with a thrilling touch when Molino agrees to carry out the great heist with 'Chayo' and other committed team members. Though the plot of the series is somewhere similar to that of Spanish hit 'Money Heist', yet it has its own twists and turns that make up for a thrilling watch.

Created by Pablo Gonzalez and Camilo Salazar Prince, The Great Heist sharply depicts the planning, execution, and consequences of the burglary. The bank robbery scene is the meat of the story that electrifies the suspense.

Thanks to the fast pace of the screenplay once the heist is executed there isn't a single dull moment and the series just takes off and won't allow you to even blink your eyes even once. The plot is predictable at points but the story manages to keep the suspense high.

Coming to the performances, Andres Parra as 'Chayo' has done a commendable job as an exciting head of a gang with a pinch of wittiness and Christian Tappan as Molina also impresses us with his operating skills and supportive attitude for his friend.

Marcela Benjumea as Mrs K looks savage in her part with a comical touch and other characters have also done complete justice to their parts.

However, the characters have not been given enough screen time yet the screenplay is appealing with its choice of the events. The music is impressive and amplifies the thrill & suspense.

In a nutshell, 'The Great Heist' is a must-watch thriller that has put a lot of effort into portraying the reel version of the historic robbery of National Bank of Columbia in 1994. Add this series in your streaming list for a nail-biting experience.
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