Doston se problem share karna achha hai..... Isliye nahi ki vo use solve ker dete hai but... Saale aise-aise solutions dete hain ki hum problem hi bhool jaate hai.

    Indian Friendship is not about: Sorry!
    It's about: "Saari Galati Teri Thi."

    Indian Friendship is not about: "THANKS!"
    It's about: "Koi Ehsaan Nahi Kiya Mujhpe."

    Indian Friendship is not about: "I Miss You!"
    It's about: "Kahan Mar Gaye Tha Itne Din?"

    Indian Friendship is not about: "I Understand"
    It's about: "Hamesha Main Hi Kyun Samjhoon"?

    Indian Friendship is not about: "I'm happy 4 your success."
    It's about: "Chal beta treat de?"

    Indian Friendship is not about: "Are you coming to see us tomorrow?"
    It's about: "Dramaybazi Band Kar, Aur Chup Chaap Chal Mere Saath."

    Indain Friendship is not about: "Just reading this message."
    It's about "Sending it to all lovely friends whom you never want to lose."
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