Monday Night:
    Wife: Aaj tum daaru peeke aaye ho! Kyun?
    Husband: Arre aaj office main foreign clients ke saath meeting thi to peeni padi.

    Tuesday Night:
    Wife: Aaj tum fir daaru pee ke aaye ho ! Kyun?
    Husband: Arre aaj mere ek friend ki engagement thi toh usne party di isliye.

    Wednesday Night:
    Wife: Aaj bhi tum peeke aaye ho...
    Husband: Aaj ek friend ka breakup ho gaya... wo bahut udaas tha toh uska mood fresh karne ke liye...

    Thursday Night:
    Wife: Aaj fir se... Ab kiska breakup ho gaya?
    Husband: Breakup nahi.... Aaj Office mai work load tha... bahut tension thi.... isliye.

    Friday Night:
    Wife: Aaj kyun?
    Husband: Jis friend ki engagement thi na Tuesday ko, Aaj uski shaadi thi... toh khushi ke mauke pe toh peeni banti hai.

    Saturday Night:
    Wife: hmmm... Ab?
    Husband: Aaj purane school friends mil gaye the toh wo disco le gaye aur zabardasti pila di... maine bahut mana bhi kiya par maane nahi...

    Sunday Night:
    Wife (gusse se): Ab Aaj kya ho gaya?
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