ARIES: Can get super loud and rude after drinking.... can create a scene.

    Taurus: These are generally graceful peopleeven after drinking a lot... they never misbehave.

    Gemini: May drink a lot and may not talk a lot... they like to hv a good time though like they may sing loudly whn drunk.

    Cancer: They can drink very fast.... may instigate others to drink as well. Forget when to stop.

    Virgo: Are moderate drinkers.... never lose control... but they can be very funny when drunk.

    Libra: They go all crazy when drunk. Although they will never overstep their mark.... always in control.

    Scorpio: Can get very nasty when drunk... be careful of a drunk scorpio.... difficult to control one.

    Leo: They will drink more if you stop them. Are most likely to participate in drinking competitions.

    Sagitarius: They are heavy drinkers... they always know how much they can handle.... get very hyper and talkative after drinking.

    Capricorn: They are moderate drinkers who really knw how to have fun. May get super naughty when drunk.

    Pisces: They are knock out drinkers but only with best pals....can vomit after getting very drunk.

    Aquarius: Can drink a lot and not get drunk at the same time. But once they are drunk they will go on laughing and blabbering.
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