Little Johnny's teacher was teaching the kids about starvation. Being a good teacher she decided to call on selected students to draw a picture of starvation on the board.

    Sue went first, she drew a round circle with three little lines in the middle of the circle.

    The teacher said, "That's very good Sue. What is it?"

    Sue said, "That's a plate with only three carrot sticks to eat, I think that... represents starvation."

    Next went Dan, he drew a round circle with 3 dots in the middle.

    The teacher said, "That's good Dan. What is it?"

    Dan said, "That's a plate with only 3 peas to eat. I think that represents starvation."

    Johnny went next. He drew a picture of a round circle with little squiggely lines all over in the circle.

    The teacher said, "That's good Johnny. What is it?"

    Johnny said, "That's an a$$hole with cob webs........ If that isn't starvation, I don't know what is.
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