A blonde, a redhead and a brunette are having a holiday at the North Pole. The blonde's weight is 110 pounds, the red's is 130 pounds, the brunette's is 150 pounds. One day, the three of them are having a trip on a sleigh.

    Suddenly, they see a polar bear behind them. Quickly, they throw out all the luggage behind them, but this doesn't help.... the bear comes closer.

    They realize that one of the three will have to sacrifice herself so that the 2 others will be able to escape.

    "You should do it," the blonde says to the brunette. "The bear will need more time to eat you then to eat me or the redhead."

    "I guess you're right," the brunette says.

    She jumps out of the sleigh and gets killed by the bear.

    "Thank God for my brains," the blonde says, but the bear reopens the chase.

    "Now it's your time, red," the blonde says. "Your weight is bigger than mine."

    "I guess you're right," the red says and she also jumps out and gets killed.

    "Thank God for my brains," the blonde says. But still the bear won't stop hunting the sleigh.

    The blonde really gets mad and she cries out, "You stupid animal!! Just wait a minute!! I'll take my gun and I'll blow you to pieces!!!"
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