Patient: I have fever, headache, cough and cold. I've taken some basic medicines for the same.

    Doctor: Which ones?

    Patient: Paracetamol,
    Doctor: Someone please give me an Alprazolam!

    Patient: Relax doctor. Alprazolam is an anxiolytic. It may not help you right now. You're suffering from an Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). A selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor like Escitalopram will work better.

    Doctor: Someone give me passive euthanasia!

    Patient: Passive Euthanasia requires you to sign a 'living will' in advance. Besides, you're not even terminally ill. Now can we please talk about my fever?

    Doctor (calls his father): Papa, I'm joining our family's snacks business from tomorrow!

    Thanks to Doctor Google most of the patients are Digital Patients these days.
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