Elections 2019 in simple terms:

    545 openings.

    No experience, no qualifications required.

    No age limit.

    Salary 1.9 lakhs per month even if not attending office.

    Additional RS 2000 per day spent in office.

    Free accommodation.

    Subsidized canteen.

    Free 3 telephones.

    Free 25000 units electricity.

    Free 4000 kilo litres water.

    Free air travel 34 trips including family.

    Free petrol.

    Unlimited train travel in first AC.

    Minimum pension Rs 20,000 for just 5 years in service.
    For every additional year RS. 1500 additional pension.

    Plus lots of other benefits.

    Apply soon.

    Selection starts 11 April, final list ready on 23 may.
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