Can it get geographically punnier than this?

    Timmy : I'm Hungary.

    Mum : Why don't you Czech the fridge?

    Timmy : Okay, I'm Russian to the kitchen.

    Mum : Hmm... maybe you'll find some Turkey.

    Timmy : Yeah, but its all covered in Greece. Yucks!

    Mum : There is Norway you can eat that.

    Timmy : I know, I guess I'll just have a can of Chile.

    Mum : Denmark your name on the can.

    Timmy : Kenya do it for me?

    Mum : Okay, I'm Ghana do it.

    Timmy : Thanks, I'm so tired - Iran for an hour today.

    Mum : It Tokyo long enough.

    Timmy : Yeah, Israelly hard sometimes!
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