Finkelman just arrives in America and needs a job, and has no qualms about inventing the necessary qualifications. He reasons that once he finds work, he will impress the boss so much that everything will be forgiven.

    After a successful initial interview with the Encyclopedia of American History, he is called back to meet the sales manager.

    "You say you have experience selling books?"

    "Lots of it," replies Finkelman.

    "And you have a Master's in American history from the University of Michigan?"

    "Correct," replies Finkelman. "History is my field of study."

    "Well then," says the sales manager, "As soon as I can complete this form, we can get you started in our firm."

    While the sales manager is making a few notations, Finkelman, obviously pleased with himself, begins to whistle. Looking around the room, he notices pictures of Washington and Lincoln on the walls.

    Pointing to the portraits, he turns to the sales manager and says, "Fine looking men. Your partners?"
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