John goes to the deli for some soup. After he's seated and about to eat he calls the waiter over.

    When the waiter comes he says, "Taste this soup."

    The waiter says, "Why what's wrong with the soup?"

    John says, "Taste this soup."

    The waiter says, "John, you've come in here for thirty years and you always get the soup, you've never complained before."

    John says, "Taste this soup."

    The waiter says, "What? What is it? If you don't want the chicken soup we have other kinds - vegetable, Italian Ministrone?"

    John says, "Taste this soup!"

    The waiter finally agrees, "Fine John, fine! I'll taste the soup".

    He leans over the table prepared to taste the soup, he hesitates and says, "Where's your spoon?"

    "Exactly," says John, "Where's my bloody spoon?"
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