Pankaj Udhas dips his french fries in afsauce.

    My internet connection just betrayed me. Isse kehte hain bewifi.

    People who don't like Agarbattis are really incenseitive.

    What's the need to arrest Vijay Mallya? He has anyway spent most of his life behind bars.

    Jackie Shroff's dog is Scoobhidu.

    What do you call people who don't believe in going to the gym?

    Main Roti rehti hoon, wo Atta hi nahi.

    How do you pronounce repertoire?"
    "You know the word 'report' right?"
    "Now say it like a Bihari"
    "ripatwa... ohhhh"

    If you pay for a Patanjali anti hair-fall product with PayTM and apply a valid coupon code, you get keshback! Never say "give me five" to a snake. Woh tumhe dus dega.
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