1. Laxman to Seeta: Stay offline.

    2. Mayawati ctrls+all+dalits.

    3. My watch is stuck between 2 and 2.30. It's a do or dhai situation.

    4. 4. What did Jaya say to Abhishek when they saw Amitabh coming home in a rickshaw?
    "Rickshey mein toh woh tumhare baap lagte hai."

    5. A potato was interrogated by cops. After 3 hours of torture, it gave in and said, "Main batata hun, main batata hun..."

    6. A well executed theft in which there are no finger prints left is a stainless steal.

    7. "Yahoo! Messenger." - Sita after seeing Hanuman in Lanka for the first time.

    8. Friends pay restaurant bills on a de-tu-de basis.

    9. 'I laughed yesterday' in Hindi is 'Michael Hussey'.

    10. They don't facepalm in Indian villages. They Sarpanch.

    11. An old lady asked me the way to the city court, I replied 'Magistrate.'

    12. Me: "Excuse me, Beer ke saath kuch complementary toh do?"
    Waiter: "Nice Shirt!"

    13. Rahul Dravid's wristwatch is technically a wall clock.

    14. Toll Booths are nothing but Bill Gates.

    15. "What's the way to the cemetery?"
    "Go straight and take the last rite."

    16. Vishwanathan Anand gets tense when the waiter in the hotel says, "Check!"
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