A man was lying on the psychiatrist's couch as his therapist addressed him.

    "Well, Jim. I'm pleased to announce that this will be our final session. I believe that you finally are cured of your paranoia."

    "Yes, doctor. I am."

    "I remember how you used to think that men in black were following you everywhere. But you don't believe that anymore, do you?"

    "No, doctor. I don't"

    "I remember also how you used to think that black helicopters were hovering over your house. But you don't believe that anymore either, do you?"

    "No, doctor. I don't"

    "Finally, I remember how you used to think that CIA agents were monitoring your mail, bugging your phone, and snooping into your affairs. But you don't believe that anymore either, do you?"

    "No, doctor. I don't. Thanks to your therapy, I no longer harbor such delusions. In fact, you've been so helpful to me, that I'm really sorry that I have to kill you now," said Jim, as he pulled out a gun.

    The psychiatrist was shocked. "Wait a minute. Why do you have to kill me?"

    "You know too much."
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