Big Boss contestant Shehnaaz Gill famously said, "Tuadda kutta Tommy, sadda kutta kutta?" and it was remixed later and now it's viral:

    Saddi Chowmein Chowmein, Tuaddi Chowmein Spaghetti?

    Sadda Dosa Dosa, Tuaadda Dosa Pancake?

    Sadda Pear Pear, Tuadda Pear Avocado?

    Sadde Pappad Pappad, Tuadde Pappad Nachos?

    Saddi Chutney Chutney, Tuaddi Chutney Dip?

    Saddi Khichdi Khichdi, Tuaddi Khichdi Risotto?

    Sadde Momos Momos, Tuadde Momos Dumpling?

    Sadda Dahi Dahi, Tuadaa Dahi yogurt?

    Saddi Sauce Sauce, Tuaddi Sauce Ketchup ?

    Sadda Biskut Biskut, Twadda Biscuit Cookies.
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